Human mind control and it's all powerful techniques

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CIA Mind Control Experiments: MK-ULTRA Documentary (Part 1)

Humans are extraordinary gifts of nature. Human are capable of controlling every thing they have. The most impressive thing is that human can is “mind control”. Mind controlling means “brainwashing” or take control of humans thinking ability. Ancient people and magicians used ‘Voodoo’ or symbol doll to take control of human. Since the king fellowship raised kings people used a technique to use people in their will. The ‘mind control’ term refers also making sudden change in our rage or wrath. At present, people develop day by day the mind controlling skills. As soon as the magnetic power and electric source invented human developed the technology of scientific mind controlling. Even now, some software can control human mind!

Now there is a question, how to do mind controlling? The answer is yes, there are many process/techniques of controlling mind. There are some placed below:

"Quantum Mind Power":- is using natural motivation.

"The Morry Method" is a new special way or new brainwave entrainment technology that stimulates the brain nerves.

“HYPNOSIS”: - is a high state of suggestibility, relaxation, or meditation.

“Voice Roll”: - is an attractive, paced style used by hypnotists when bring to mind a trance.

“Felling to roam” - roaming feels is like moving your brain around the earth!

“GROUP PRESSURE”:- is suppressing hesitation and confrontation to new thoughts by developing the need to be in the correct place.

"LOVE BOMBING": - create a sense of relations through physical stroke, thought & emotion distribution and emotional bond.

“REJECTION OF OLD VALUES”:- accelerate receiving of new standard of living by constantly disparaging former viewpoint and standards.

“Confusing words”:- Confusing blind taking and negative response of logic through multifaceted lectures on an inexplicable dogma.

There are more ways to control mind, and they are lists below shortly.

Unbending set of laws

Vocal ill-treatment

Snooze denial

Uniform code

Chant before a live audience

Declaration of guilt

Monetary promise

Manipulate point


Forbidden endorsement

Revolutionize fast

Sports competition

Thumbs down question



Mind control techniques have developed into the new art of point of observation. These techniques help you get what you want, without automatically having a human being under a “spell”. In fact, these tactics are nowadays conversation, whether you know it or not. With a little carry out, it is easy to apply these techniques in your each day conversation! Mind control techniques do not need to be out in the release for everyone to know on the subject of. It is all about life from slight and working on a subliminal echelon. Being more sharp-eyed is the first obsession to do. This method, you will be able to decide that a human being move more rapidly or farther absent. This will let somebody have temporarily a hand save era. It is until the end of time easier to avoid a blunder of having to be unsoiled up to the confusion after ward.

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Suramya.K 5 years ago

I wish I could control the mind of AdSense team,,

Khurshed Alam 5 years ago

Suramya.k - You are funny but I also want this!

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ltstajul 5 years ago from gazipur


kamalesh 4 years ago


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unknown girl 4 years ago

this is all rabish we cant control anybodys mind . they are making us a stupid don't beleve in them my friends i giving u a free advice

unknown boy 17 months ago

Everything is possible if uhh want

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