7 Tips to Score A for Exams

Way before exams

It is almost impossible to score A or do well in exams unless you are prepared. Different people have different studying styles. However, there are some methods to do well which I personally have used to perform well at school. Do not be like Mr Bean and come unprepared and start panicking!

1. Pay Attention in Class

In class, pay close attention to your lecturers or tutors. At times, if a certain topic is really important, they will most likely repeat it to ensure that all students understand it entirely. Hence, this will alert you to the high possibility that this topic will be asked during the examination.

Besides that, by paying attention, you will be able to understand better when you are going through the notes or reading your textbook later.

2. Ask Questions

In class, do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand. If the environment does not allow for questions to be asked during the lesson, stay back and approach your lecturer/tutor after class. It is better to ask directly after the class then to wait till the number of questions accumulate before asking.

3. Write your own Notes

By writing your own notes as your lecturer teaches, this helps you to stay awake in class. Next, some people also learn better by writing rather than listening.Moreover, by writing your own notes, this ensures that when you revise later, you will be able to understand the topic better as your notes should help you follow the topic.

4. Attempt tutorial questions

Usually, lecturers will provide tutorial questions which you can attempt. Some students do not try the questions but just wait for the classes in order to obtain the answers. However, it is always better to attempt them on your own first. This allows you to check whether you have fully understood the week's lesson and whether there is any particular part which you have difficulty understanding. Do not wait till just before exams to attempt the questions.

Closer to the exams

5. Attempt past year exam questions

As you get closer to the exam itself, you should be quite familiar with the material which you have studied for the whole semester. To ensure that you are really prepared, attempt past year exam questions. If answers are available, you can check your answers and learn from your mistakes. This will prevent you from making the same mistake during the actual exam.

If no answers are available, get a group of friends to attempt the paper together. Then, you can discuss the answers together and learn from each other. Besides that, if your lecturer/tutor is fine with the idea of going through your answers, do prepare your answers and show it to them for their comments. They will be able to guide and show you the best way of answering during the examinations.

6. Get to the exam hall early

Ensure that you know what you can bring and cannot bring into the exam hall. Check that your calculator has enough battery life, and that you have the stationery that you need.

7. Whatever is done is done

Once you have completed a paper, it is fine if you wish to analyse how well you have done. However, do not let it distract you from studying and preparing for the next few papers. Instead of wasting time thinking about something that cannot be changed, do your best for the other papers!

After Exams

Once you have completed your exams, some may feel relieved, some may feel fearful, some may feel that they could have done better.

If you are those who feel the latter, then do use the tips above to do better in future. If you are unable to completely follow the tips on your own, get a close friend whom you can be accountable to. Then, both of you can continue to excel in your examinations.

As a student, there are also many other important skills to pick up such as career planning and presentation skills.

How do you prepare for your exams?

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Do you have any tips on how to do better in exams? 25 comments

askjanbrass profile image

askjanbrass 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

This is a great list of how someone can prepare to do well on a test. I would add the ever important "getting a good night sleep." Cramming hours just before a test may seem like a good idea but often just generates a greater level of stress.\

Great hub, thanks for sharing!

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore Author

thanks! it's true that enough sleep allows one to think better =)

Sahana 6 years ago

Awesome,more would been there.

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks Sahana for commenting!

zeest 6 years ago

very nice tips 4 sure. but there are sum prob i cant find solution to that's i cant concentrate on class though i try hard but ahhh boring classes and i can not concentrate on my studies iam a quik learner so get prety gud grades but i wanna do even better u know TTOP iam a very greedy person in matter of marks

zeest 6 years ago

i also got a very good tip that isssss...........

oh yah sleep a good night sleep but plzzz don't sleep during your paper hey does any one even opens this website?????????

any ways good luck with that :}

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Yup! Sleep is definitely important. If you have problems concentrating you can try to stay awake by taking down notes.

Canal_Digital profile image

Canal_Digital 6 years ago from Denmark

Great hub, I will try those tips for my next exams. I think that if you prepare longer, you are more likely to get an A. Still it is very important to avoid procrastination, because with it you are likely to fail for sure.

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Length of preparation is important but I would add another piece of advice. The method of preparation is equally important too!

Edwin 5 years ago

Phewwww i'm having english oral exam tommorow :D thanks

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 5 years ago from Singapore Author

Hope you did well!

Rohit 5 years ago

Greate ! This is really helpful....

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 5 years ago from Singapore Author

I'm glad it's useful Rohit!

Kiran 4 years ago


Helpfull for exam.....


lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

You are most welcome!

Love Ragahv 4 years ago

these tips will helpe me or not.

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

There is no harm in trying =)

sara 4 years ago

i've just red them i'll try them out, one imp ques according to me history is very tough i find it difficult to remember the dates give me some tips regarding this topic

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

hi Sara! For history, you may wish to create a timeline of your own and see how the different events flow according to the different dates. By remembering them as a story, it might be easier.

rithika 4 years ago

it is very good plan of scoring good grades but iam a student in a school iam studing 6 class i feel difficult to follow the same plan in social studies

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Rithika! Time management is important for you then. You may also wish to try group study =)

K.C. 4 years ago

hi. Thnx for d tips i do poorly in geography and history.and i'm a moderate in maths. Can u give me sum tips to improve? Thnx :-)

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

For history, try to learn it as a storyline and if there are any interesting movies,dramas regarding that particular timeline, do watch it. Makes things more interesting. For maths, it's practise practise practise. For geography I have no specific tips ....

honey 4 years ago

hii,hub i m in 11 class and i m not able to understand physics chemistry and maths . will u please give me some tips for that

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

For all 3, start by understanding the formulas. Once you understand them, it's easier to remember. Next, do a lot of practise questions. This will expose you to the types of questions that may come out during exams! And during revision, if there's any doubts, always ask your teacher. Don't wait till the last minute!

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