For the concrete post and beam construction 10 mm and 12 mm reo-bar is used to tie the whole structure together. The bars are bent to the correct shape and cut to size, tied together with tie wire. The verticle post are put in place, folowed by the lintels until they form the basic structure. Then the mesh for the slab is created and tied, ready for the formwork.

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Steel Engineer profile image

Steel Engineer 3 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine

Try to keep the steel at least 3" inside the concrete any place it will be exposed to earth or water. This protects the steel against rusting.

Elsewhere, try to cover the steel with at least an inch of concrete. That will prevent spalling in the future.

sulitunlock profile image

sulitunlock 3 years ago from Argao, Cebu

Hello sir can you post a finish product of your house i really want to build a house like as you build.

chirriru 2 years ago

Hello Sir, if I want a small house with only two bedrooms and one bathroom with separate shower and my floor measurements is about 80 to 100 sq. feet, how much does it cost?

teresa 2 years ago

how can i get in touch with, im planing to build a house in antipolo city, thanks a lot

Angelina Saga 15 months ago

Hi Sir, I have a 330 sq. m. lot in Negros Oriental and I want to build a house for my familly and mother. How much would it cost for a house with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bathrooms with toilet. My budget is below 500,000 Pesos. Please send to my email Thank you

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