Adam Lambert Sexed for Success

Full Steam Ahead

As Idol ended, Adam Lambert was just getting started. Since his "non win", (we certainly won't call it a loss), he hit the airwaves like a sonic boom. His appearances on radio, entertainment, and awards shows, have pumped rocket fuel into the raging Glambert fire. The momentum picked up even more with that smokin' hot magazine cover. Kudos to Matthew Rolston from Rolling Stone for giving us a sultry Adam lying on a bed with strategically placed accessories in all the right places.

A man sexed up for success is a very appealing package.

What's fascinating is who he's appealing to. We'll start with the obvious teens and pre-teens. What do they find appealing? I'll take a shot in the dark and say it's his sensual smile, smokey eyes, sultry voice, and the glam/goth clothes. They'll be standing in line for the posters, fan mags, charcoal eye liner, and black nail polish. A merchandising goldmine.

Next, are the 20 & 30 somethings. They are attracted to him for the reasons stated above; as well as the fact that he's in their age group, which makes him more attainable. He also provides a bit of the "forbidden fruit" syndrome since he has confirmed that he is gay. Don't we all want to believe that a beautiful man like that can be successfully converted by just one night of explosive passion with a woman? And you are just the one to do it, right?


He has provocatively suggested that a night like that could very well be in his future. Could it be so? Or not? He appears to be very sincere and almost boyishly coy as he makes this declaration. Or perhaps it's a masterfully executed promotional plan to keep his feverish female fans at their boiling point? It would not, after all, serve him well to discourage this fan base from thinking that he was accessible. They, and their teen counterparts, are the ones who will spend the most money on his C.D., which is set for release on November 24th.

Then there's the gay men. They will love Adam for casting a positive spotlight where they don't often see one. Whether he means to or not, Lambert will prove once again that real talent, success, and beauty should have nothing to do with sexual orientation. He may be the chosen one likely to dispel some misconceptions of gay culture in America. Again, this is not his platform, but it will happen as an ancillary benefit to his success. About time.

Now let's get to the most interesting of his admirers. The Cougars. Yes, middle aged 40-50 something women. Strong, successful, in their sexual prime. Mrs. Robinson to you. For them, Adam is USDA choice, and they are on the hunt. Many have said they don't even know why, since he is young enough to be their son. So why do they want to indulge in this guilty pleasure named Adam Lambert?

I think I know.

I am a Cougar myself, and I can speak for my pack. Lambert encompasses all things sexual, without the conventional ties that bind. He reminds us that love, freedom, and sex can and should, go hand in hand. The freedom to be who you are, on your terms, with no restrictions, no inhibitions, and no limitations.

That's sexy as hell.

The fact that he reveals these truths with one smirk on the Rolling Stone cover punctuates my point. This man knows exactly what he is doing. He is in full control of his destiny, and he intends to navigate his own way. And he clearly isn't afraid of the snakes.

That's sexy as hell too.

And it will serve him well as his quantum leap into super stardom continues. While he's on his way, we'll all be standing by eagerly cheering him on. Eye candy for teens, a daring conquest for 20-somethings, a beacon for gay men, and a Cougars timely reminder that she can still take a walk on the wild side. How many men can offer so much to so many?

Adam Lambert can...just watch him.

And listen.


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alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Enjoyed your hub JM, it's so well written. I totally agree with you about lambert. He's really appealing and so talented. I have a feeling he's going to make it big. Doesn't matter what his sexualt orientation is.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks, alek....glad you enjoyed it!

Reynolds_Writing profile image

Reynolds_Writing 7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

I agree.. Adam is hot! I love the male glam look.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks, Reynolds....will be fun to watch (and listen) to what he does next!

bea 7 years ago

Hey! Don't forget us. I'm 66 and there are plenty of Adam admirers that I know of going into their 80s. Some of us may look dead but believe me we are NOT. From all I read, we are the group that has been most accepting of his being gay as something that shouldn't be an issue when appreciating his talent and eye candy look. I have already purchased a shirt, 2 coffee mugs, every magazine with a substantial article, and I intend to buy his albums and hopefully there will also be dvds.

Judy 7 years ago

Thanks jennifer,you summed up perfecttly what I've been trying to put into words for months ! Adam oozes charisma ,he's sensual,sultry,provocative,gentle,kind ,witty charming and he's drop dead gorgeous,inside and out ! No wonder he has such mass appeal !

Rafaila 7 years ago

This article is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Vicki Vance 7 years ago

As a woman in my fifties I would never embark on a sexual fantasy involving someone like Kris. He is too nice, boring and almost non sexual. Adam is another story, he is nice too, but if you watch him singing Crazy in those tight red pants Adam knows just how sexy he is. When he is slapping the dancer on the ass or grabbing his own package, he is having fun. He embodies a wild uninhibited sizzling sexiness. It does not seem out of bounds to think “dirty” things about him. Women my age for the most part do not have any intention of ever encountering Adam in real life, but with his hot body and gorgeous face he is good for some really exciting guiltless fantasies.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

First, Bea....I love your comment. No, I would never forget you. I think it's fantastic that you're on board with Adam. It proves the point of my article even more. There is no one this man does not appeal to, except maybe ignorant homophobes. And I agree that your age group is among the most accepting. Funny and wonderful how wisdom comes with age. We don't actually get older, we get better, baby. You rock.

Thanks for your valuable input!

Judy and Rafaila - thanks so much for the nods - glad you enjoyed it!

Vicky - loved and completely agree with your comment. Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks.

tpaoturpin 7 years ago

I would be in the cougar category and your article is so right on!

Brenda Lee 7 years ago

He is so sexy and gorgeous and yes I don't know why I like him so much but I do, I do and yes I'm a

carol 7 years ago

He is beautiful isn't he? I bought his ROllingSTone mag, I mean hasn't everyone? The pictures were beautiful and he's a little wild child!! I don't know quite what to make of him yet. He's beautiful and I know he's gay and I find I could care less. I just like to look at him and listen to him sing. His video's in iTunes are all number one sellers - gee I wonder why. I personally own every one of them. I find myself watching them in an endless loop like some kind of hypnotic trance. What's up with that?

Barb 7 years ago

I was pretty wild in my 20's and 30's, settled down in my 40's, slowed way down in my early 50's. By the time I hit 60, sex was a fond but distant memory. So how is it that at 63, I feel more alive than ever? What you said, Jennifer. Thanks.

french_silk 7 years ago

Confessing 19 year old here :) Loved Adam's voice and look from the moment I saw him, and his sexiness just shimmers when you look at him. Hey, People named him a hot bachelor for a reason! For me its mostly the eyes and voice, and I think Adam's fans range through so many different "groups" of people because he never leaves anyone out - he's accepting, gracious, and outrageously talented - keys to becoming a star, and he's definitely on his way! Oh, and visit for Adam updates! <3

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks for the comments ladies. In answer to your question, I offer this....Adam is a rare phenomenon that occurs about as often as Haley's Comet.  That's why we try to rationalize our reaction to something so unique. We're in unchartered territory here, and so I"ve tried to describe it as best I could.

Barb...get back on that horse girl. You're still young!

French_Silk - great points. The fact that he excludes no one is a large part of his appeal as well. Thanks for the comments.

SK 7 years ago

Adam has an aura, a warm gentle light that attracts me light a moth to a flame! I'm one of the 50-somethings and have never been a "fantard" until now. For me Adam summed it up: "I decided I wanted to be a rebel, so I'm a nice rebel." He is a rebel with a cause, boyish, playful and sexy and I just cannot resist being delighted on his behalf!

Vicki  7 years ago

I'm a 43 year old lesbian and I think Adam is one of the sexiest people alive right now! Go figure...Anyway, i'm also a serious rock'n'roll aficionado and lover of great music, and I haven't heard anyone this fresh, provacative or fabulous since i got turned on to Dave Matthews Band or Widespread Panic. I will travel to see him play, buy his albums, stay up till 2 AM hunting videos and fresh inteviews. I love his positive attitude and wicked sense of humor. I love his honesty about who he is. He may not want to be an activist or civil rights leader, but just by being continuously true to himself, he makes it OK for a whole lot of us to be who we are too. I am so heartened by the incredible support he receives from this human community who loves him for himself. It gives me hope for the human condition.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Vicki, Thanks for sharing your comments. I find it very satisfying that you've proven Adam's point. It's that "love is universal". It does not have a gender. Sexy is sexy, no matter who you are or what you're preferences might be. You're right, he doesn't need to be an activist or a civil rights leader, nor should he be. The best way to teach is through example and not by standing on a soap box. When it's all said and done, it's really about the music. That transcends all human barriers. I too, am heartened and encouraged by how he's been embraced.

poeticjustice profile image

poeticjustice 7 years ago

'Love your hub ... What's more fun than reading as many different ways of seeing (and "loving") one incredibly special human being ... and dissecting his appeal to find the "why?!?" I just don't get tired of it, just as I don't get tired of listening to every song of Adam's I could find to download. (Lately, I've been really into the Citizen Vein songs.)

I fall into the "don't forget about us" category, since I'll turn 62 in a couple days ... I never stayed "stuck" in my generation's music; instead, I embraced new forms of music as they came along. And now I embrace Adam's music - what exists already, and whatever he chooses to create and perform in the future.

His appeal is so universal and multi-generational it is truly a phenomenon. He is at the same time fresh and relevant and a bit old-fashioned;playful and innocent, and knowing and seductive. Put it all together, and it spells -as you put it so perfectly- "sexy as hell!"

poeticjustice profile image

poeticjustice 7 years ago

'Love your hub ... What's more fun than reading as many different ways of seeing (and "loving") one incredibly special human being ... and dissecting his appeal to find the "why?!?" I just don't get tired of it, just as I don't get tired of listening to every song of Adam's I could find to download. (Lately, I've been really into the Citizen Vein songs.)

I fall into the "don't forget about us" category, since I'll turn 62 in a couple days ... I never stayed "stuck" in my generation's music; instead, I embraced new forms of music as they came along. And now I embrace Adam's music - what exists already, and whatever he chooses to create and perform in the future.

His appeal is so universal and multi-generational it is truly a phenomenon. He is at the same time fresh and relevant and a bit old-fashioned;playful and innocent, and knowing and seductive. Put it all together, and it spells -as you put it so perfectly- "sexy as hell!"

BJo 7 years ago

The term "cougar" is hate speech. While I appreciate your idea, and agree about all things Adam and his amazing sexiness, that term is insulting to women's sexuality and is not okay.

anja 7 years ago

Nice one Jennifer - I agree love freedom and desire running through the same body - sexy as hell and heaven

xf 7 years ago

I agree with all your points. Who couldn't love Adam-he's amazing!

Dee 7 years ago

Nice article, thanks!

My only gripe is with your use of the term "cougar". I find the word "cougar" to be not only limiting, stereotypical, ageist, sexist but also denoting a specific kind of desperation that only exists in a certain strata of the over 40 single female population, the ones who go hunting in bars wearing super-tight clothes and gel-padded push-up bras. Note, that there is no such specific term for over 40 single men on the hunt for twentysomething women out there.

The rest of us are just simply 40, look as good if not better than we did 10 years ago and certainly better than many, many twentysomethings, and Adam could not have been our son since that would have meant giving birth at age 13. We've grown up with feminist ideals that are now seemingly being cast over so that we can be lumped into some sexist categorization that seves no-one except those who want to ridicule women. And this ugly stereotype is now willingly propagated by women over 40. I was still 39 just a couple of months ago. Was it still okay then to find Adam beatiful and sexy and doable because I haven't yet passed into the 40+ wasteland?

Really, what would Gloria Steinem say? I think she'd be embarrassed and saddened by this regression.

Spring Time 7 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful article, Jennifer!

Adam is extremely sexy. He looks stunning and sings beautifully.

I am very attracted to his personality. He is brave, fearless, and seems to have so much positive energies. I also feel very protective of him and feel sad when he was being put down by some mean people unnecessarily. I think Adam has to work much harder that the other people to get to where he is now, and now he has made it, it's so amazing! I am so happy for him. For me Adam's personality and strength make him very sexy.

Linda 7 years ago

I am nearly 50 and I am going to my first Idol concert to see ADAM! I am taking my 9 year old son and it will be his first concert. We have our black nail polish already and leather gloves. We will be wearing eyeliner and chains and eye sequins if I can find them. I have all his songs on my IPOD and CD. I still have all his performances on my DVR and watch again and again and enjoy them as much as the first time I saw them. I have written on every blog and a letter to Simon Fuller that we NEED a DVD of all of Adam's performances with pre and post comments and all the results shows!!!!! Thay can not get that DVD out fast enough for me and so many other diehard fans!!! This has been an amazing ride like none other I've every experienced and I am enjoying every minute of it along with my son. THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH FUN!!! And I will be buying his CD and going to HIS concerts!

adamisgod 7 years ago

excellent analysis of our adam, jennifer! very soon, we will have students doing a thesis on the enigmatic appeal of adamlambert and the effects of lambertsia on people of all ages all over the world : )

someone wrote about finding it heartening to find a great majority behind adam and loving him for who he is and therefore finding hope in the human community--how true. which is why we continue to embrace and be hypnotised and feel so protective over adam.

indeed---when adam lambert came on to the AI stage---none of us were prepared for this rare phenomena, so fresh, daring, reckless, fearless and immensely gifted yet polite and downto earth at the same time, we had been been jaded and blase for years we were never ready to be swept off our feet but we got hit alright and never recovered since.

Lissa 7 years ago

I'm 20 and have an outrageously gorgeous boyfriend - I still find myself completely mesmerized with Adam. I absolutely love his voice and his sexy take-me-as-I-am attitude. First time I watched AI was Adams' audition and I was hooked from that moment. If he exudes that much sensuality thru a tv screen - imagine what it would be like to meet him in person? My bf hopes that never happens

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Can I please reassure everyone offended by the use of "cougar", that I use it playfully, with no disrespect, and with no harm or offense intended. I choose to view it as an empowering characteristic - not the traditional "desperate" connotation used by many. I think the context of my story supports this.

AdamFan 7 years ago

He's drop dead gorgeous, rockstar, vocals that kill..... and oozes sex appeal. I love all things Adam and I am 50. Thanks for the article.

Celia 7 years ago

I'm one of those gals in Adam's age ready, willing and able to "convert" him! Seriously, he's beautiful, talented and seemingly very intelligent. I'm always impressed by seeing him in interviews. He's articulate, modest and his charisma is off the scale!

JamJ 7 years ago

Hey, don't leave us straight guys out either. Sexuality has nothing to do with musical talent. Lambert's performances on Idol were great. His ITunes downloads equally impressive. If his album is anywhere near that scale I'm buying.

shelbybb 7 years ago

great article - well written and oh so true - Adam is a breath of fresh air!

elw 7 years ago

I'm one of the 'cougars' and I find myself surfing the web for anything about Adam...I'm obsessed with this guy. I actually had a dream about him last night! HELLLLLPPPPP :)

glenda 7 years ago

My 17 year old daughter and I have finally hit upon a performer we both are crazy for!! We loved everything he did on Idol - and his personality & intelligence just add to the gorgeous, talented package he presents. We got to meet him in San Diego during his homecoming and the guy is just a sweetheart - someone commented on his gentle aura and that is very true in person. I asked my daughter what she felt about him after meeting & talking to him, and she said he is someone who possesses "grace" - a rare quality indeed! We're all watching the exciting birth of music's next superstar; & what a joy it is. I'll suffer through the cheesy Idol tour for the first time ever, just to see our Adam performing in San Diego - but the real treat will be his solo tours; wow - sends me happily back to the Bowie/Elton John/Freddie days!!

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Love this beautiful man. I am just past cougar stage ??

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Glenda, great comments. Can't wait for the videos and solo tours myself - I too miss the Bowie, Elton, and Freddie days.

Ethel - you're in the Adam stage...great place to be, for all of us.

lindagoffigan profile image

lindagoffigan 7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Without revealing any information about my age, I would say that Gloria of the Feminist movement would be proud that women are recognizable as more than stay at home moms or working mothers. Progression is good and although there is no category for men does not add to or diminish what how women choose to be categorized.

Men is still a step ahead in salary even with the Lily Ledbetter Act that was passed into law by President Obama. Society still looks upon men as the head of the household and as the bread winner even if the women held high paying jobs. The working women generation is beginning to telecommute and find time to spend with their families instead of working a 9 to 5 and that is their right.

Anyone who disagrees with the term has being aggressive should reexamine their ideal of themselves. The nature of women is to be passive and to be nourishing. The term cougar lets the public know that women over 40 has not retired to babysit grandkids. These women are saying to society that they are still a viable force to be reckoned with. Although the term has sexual overtones, the ideal to to prevent women as energized to take a active role in society.

The term has become popular for lack of another term to call women who has gone full circle in relationships, marriages, careers and ambitions. Cougar is a term that says to society that women of a certain age are not done yet. They are not necessarily robbing the cradle so to speak because as mothers, most women do not have to virtue to dip to that status. They would find the thought not in line with their self-esteem to dip too low in the age groups they find available to them.

Women are taking better care of themselves as most of society and wants to continue to take an active role outside of the family in the form of relationships. Demi Moore looks energized with Ashton Kutcher and I doubt that he would be a talent to be reckoned with without her. Demi Moore's ex Bruce Willis has taken a younger woman to be his wife but not one seems to know her name. They are set to do a spread in "W" magazine and probably will not cause a stir as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Society has a long ways to go on the polictical spectrum and in the social arena when it comes to women being thought of as no more than grandmothers after reaching a certain age. Cougars, though not an agreed upon term for all women, is the only term out there to let society know that women are not going to just walk around in their walking sneakers and get into shape just to feel and look good. Women of today would like to have a relationship to whomever they are attracted to within reason as the Bruce Willis genre.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Wow, great stuff, Linda...that's a whole hub in itself! Nice job...thanks for elaborating on my point.

Sandy R 7 years ago

Great article Jennifer, I think you are spot on!! I am 49, marrried with two sons, 19 and 12 and I'm totally flipped out over Adam!! I can't get enough of him and wish him all the best in life!

ravengirl 7 years ago

Love this! I think you captured what it is that Adam does to his very diverse group of fans. I fall into the cougar category, and, by the way, have no problem with that term. I realize that it has morphed quite a bit more into the older woman on the prowl for young meat thing -- that thanks in large part to SNL's "Cougar Den" skits. But I think of it as a woman my age (I'm 52) who still feels powerful and anything but meek and, um, old.Reader Linda explained all this quite nicely.

That said, Adam makes me feel even better than that! It's a crazy thing, and my family and friends think I am totally nuts. But my fellow cougars cannot deny how sexy hot Adam is, and how talented. I just happen to know it a little more..

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks Ravengirl, great comments. You share my definition of cougar as well. Empowered, confident, and still got it goin' on!

Thanks to you too, Sandy R...seems we're all flippin out!

Glad you enjoyed the article-

Shannon Turner 7 years ago

You go girl!!!!..You summed it up nicely....I am a 40 yr old nurse and I cant get enough of him...I listen to him to and from work and at work when I get the chance...I can close my eyes and see him singing the song I am listening to...He has caused alot of us to check our "wild" side and you know I LIKE IT!!!!..I love being a good way.....makes him who he is and I wouldnt change him for nothing...and dont we all think of being the "ONE" that he would turn to for his "bi-curious" pleasures?????????...doesnt hurt a girl to dream..........;))))

Kayoko 7 years ago

Don't forget all the International fans. There are a lot of us and based on what I see a lot from Austraila, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Phillipines, Finland and the UK and of course Japan. The show airs late at night in most countries and yet he has already managed a large International following. I think he will be even bigger Internationally than the United States, We tend to be more accepting and we love him very much already.

Cindy 7 years ago

Great article. You really summed up the cougars. I am 50 and am totally mesmerized by Adam Lambert. My kids say everyday, Are you Glamberting again? Of course, I am. Who can get enough, not us cougars.

annpiech 7 years ago

This is a great article, there are so many people with different ages that love Adam. It reminds me of Elvis, he was the same way. Adam is amazing there is no doubt about that. Love him!!!

Holly 7 years ago

I totally agree with all these comments...I find myself always smiling/gushing whenever I read anything about him or hear his voice, like a school girl crush I guess!!!

annpiech 7 years ago

We Love you Adam!!!!

lisakimball 7 years ago

Great post and I agree. There is something about Adam that is so full of joy and life that it is sexy to the max. As a bonus - based on his interviews and choices he seems to be very centered and a genuine class act.

I'll add my vote to get rid of the "cougar" term even as a joke. Let's let it die a natural death and not reinforce its use.

Daniel Carter profile image

Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

Great article and insights. Being a musician myself, I'm always very intrigued by these incredibly gifted, young people who explode on to the world scene with the force of a train wreck. I think the appeal is the bewilderment of their power. Looking forward to more of your works!

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks Daniel. Stay tuned.

Adam B 7 years ago

How can women think this guy is hot? Seriously...ugly as hell. Anyway, I am not a fan of his in any respect and that has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. Some of the best singers in my opinion are gay (Freddie Murcury, George Michael, Justin Hawkins etc)

I do not think he will have a successful career because he is hollow as an artist. He has no sort of soul or feel when he sings. Sure he can hit some unbelievable notes, but is that all you need to be a successful singer? Nope.

Durring AI, he would constantly sing songs where he would throw in those super high notes just for the sake of proving he could sing them. Gene Simmons from Kiss said Adam Lambert is no rock singer. He said he should go into some sort of Theater or something and I think a rock Icon as he is would know.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks for your comment, Adam B. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I guess only time will tell. A great many would differ with you, as Adam appears to have an intangible appeal to a large variety of people. As a side note, I'm not sure I'd base my opinion of Adam Lambert on what Gene Simmons says. With all due respect to Mr. Simmons...he tends to enjoy using that famous tongue of his to make contraversial statements that generate some much needed publicity for himself. That's a fact.

But I respect your opinion, and thank you again for commenting.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

Great hub on a super guy!  I'm an over 40 admirer as well, introduced by my 16 yr old daughter.  I can't imagine assembling a better group of characteristics, looks, style, and talent than those Adam Lambert possesses.  He is the real deal all wrapped up into one.  I wrote a hub about him as well regarding what I think Johnny Cash would think of Adam Lambert and there is a link on that hub to someone here on HubPages that actually went to high school with Adam and has nothing but good to say about him. I'm going to add a link to yours as well.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Great, thank you KCC. I'm going to look in on your article about Johnny's would-be response to Adam. (I imagine he'd love the Ring of Fire performance). Looking forward to reading it! Thanks for your comment, and for sharing the link.

Russell  7 years ago

Listen indeed.

The voice gets shortchanged much too often. We are mesmerized by his manner of performing and his persona, but the voice is the reason it all matters so much.


jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Well said, Russell. It starts and ends with the voice. Everything in between just extends the distance.

Tracy 7 years ago

Great article, except for labeling those of us in our 40 "Cougars." HATE THAT TERM. I am not on the "prowl" for young meat, which is what that term denotes. I'm a happily married mother and career woman who loves Adam Lambert.

Lindajean139 7 years ago

What is is about Adam that makes me go to my first American Idol concert ever? That makes me buy anything with his name attached to it. That makes me stare at the RS magazine cover as often as I can. I bought a copy at my local RX and noted that the 50 plus year old clerk wouldn't put it down. I thought she was going to steal it from me!! This guy is the entire package. From style, look, vocals, movement. He has it all!!

ThePioneer21 profile image

ThePioneer21 7 years ago from Liverpool

I enjoyed every episode of this years American Idol, until the final.

Kris is a good artist in his own right, but is extremely average in his abilities. I had my money on Adam from the start- he's sexy, alluring and is probably one of the most versatile contestants the show has ever had. I can't believe the American public didn't pick up the phone and vote for him, instead of the luke-warm all-American cliche who won.

Go Adam!

lakeerieartists profile image

lakeerieartists 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

I just like the fact that he is himself. He doesn't try to be anything but Adam. And he is immensely talented. Can't wait to see where he goes from here.

Sacha, 22 7 years ago

Erm, perhaps it's his VOICE and PERSONALITY? LOL. & good lord, ew, Adam is NOT Goth. He said that himself too. And not 'emo' either or whatever lame tag people want to give him.& all this pimpage will only hurt and junx his career. It gives me second-hand embrassment when his cougar fans say "He's going to be bigger than Elvis!!!!!!" errr no lmao. Adam is fabulous but NO. When there are expectations, there's pressure and there's a huge chance of not meeting those expectations resulting in disappointment. Please for the love of Adam, stop pimping him up before he's even released his album.

grace 7 years ago

adam lambert is burning me alive, i have never felt for a singer as much as i feel for Adam Lmbert, i woman and i love adam lambert

poeticjustice profile image

poeticjustice 7 years ago

To Sacha: You are SO spot on with your comments. Now is the time (after all the breathless, crazy adoration, which was fun, too) to come back to earth and be smart about this. I, too, have been bothered by the analogies to Elvis, Freddie, Steve Perry, Steven Tyler etc., etc. Adam is not "the new ____" or "the next ____." He's Adam Lambert, and that is more than enough! I even worry that Adam might become "too" famous. Look at the iconic superstars, and look what's become of many of them. BTW, I am of "cougar" age (although I dislike the term) and I never even LIKED Elvis. I cringe when women (and men) invoke Elvis and others, because this phenomenon is all about freshness and originality! Anyway, if the '22' after your name indicates your age, I'm totally impressed by your maturity and your insightful call for restraint.

LambertsLabelle 7 years ago

Great article!nailed the points!!!I have nothing to add but my :

Hi Hip Hurray,cougars!!!

Go,Adam!Millions of claws are right behind you to watch your back,baby!!

alittlebitcrazy profile image

alittlebitcrazy 7 years ago

Adam is amazing! Good for him for being open about who he is, and able to express himself as he pleases. He has an amazing voice, and will be going far! And what a hunk, too. He's bringing back the guyliner in a major way! If only I could get my husband to wear some...

popintervention profile image

popintervention 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

I'm personally not all that attracted to Adam at all. He sings okay, though.

donna 7 years ago

adam is the best!!!!

Carla Jamerson 7 years ago

Still trying to figure out my fascination with Adam Lambert. I find myself scouring the Internet for articles on him. If it's a negative article I will never read anything the author says I've seen all the pictures of him on the Internet and actually find them fascinating. He's like this rare, exotic bird that you don't want to cage. He is so vastly different from middle America. On one hand he is a wild party boy and yet on the other hand he is this sweet, gentle boy. He has two distinct sides to him and it is really fascinating. I watch him in interviews and I read what people who have met him write about him. They all say that he is geniunely nice and it's not an act. One journalist was writing about all the different people they had interviewed in the past couple of months. The remarked how some were nice, some were fake and some were rude. The author put Adam in a different category. She sad Adam was so nice and accomodating that she wouldn't have doubted that he would have spent the hour trading hair care tips if they asked him.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks for commenting, Carla. I think you've captured him well, pardon the pun.

Winnie 7 years ago

Adam B,

I just am totally puzzled as to why someone who finds Adam 'ugly as hell" and 'hollow as an artist' is reading and commenting on a blog entitled, 'Adam Lambert:Sexed for success'. Did you think you would find fellow haters here? Or that you could convince such self-admitted obsessed Lambert fans that he 'wasn't all that' because Gene Simmons said so? Really, as Jennifer said, you shouldn't listen to what Simmons says. You just don't know where that tongue has been. And by the way, Brian May and Slash also are fans of Adams, and they are true rock icons.

Lisa Harrington 7 years ago

Well spoke my exact thoughts...thank you from a 48 year old Adam worshipper!!!

Sally in the Valley 7 years ago

You did not go high enough in your age range for the "cougars"--I am 68 and feel exactly the same.....50-70 year old women is another age group in his adoring fan group.

Maverick_999 profile image

Maverick_999 7 years ago from Dubai, U.A.E

it doesnt matter he is AI or not, that thign wont gonna change the fact that he is a better signer than kris allen, two thumbs up for putting this awesome hub

Jmfoust 7 years ago

WOW, it is great to read these comments from you all. I spotted Adam in the very beginning of auditions and said, he is the one! I just new it. I called him the black haired guy because I had no idea what his name was then. From that moment on, it was all up hill! He has changed my life, inspired me to start living again. He makes me wish I was more brave in my younger days and lived without worrying about what others thought of me back then. It seems so silly now when I look back at how I was so shy, but loved theatre and singing, but could not get out of my shell for some reason. He is so beautiful, and as someone else said has two very different sides, when he sings WLL, he is all man and then some hotter then hell in a come get me kind of way then when you see him smile, he still has that boyish charm and is sexy in a sweet way. As you can tell, I too am hooked! Love this man and how he has inspired me and others! I can't wait to see more of him.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

"hotter than hell in a come get me kind of way" that.

cindyvine profile image

cindyvine 7 years ago from Cape Town

I still can't figure out why America voted for the other guy, whatever his name was?

maryann 7 years ago

I am in my fifties and I just love Adam Lambert, all the way! I keep on googling Adam everyday, go his websites and these things make my day complete. Without reading about Adam, my day would be completely boring. He is totally exciting and gives me this thrill that I havent experienced before. I hope we "cougars" support him all the way. After all, we have the capacity to buy his albums, right?

Ann Mason profile image

Ann Mason 7 years ago

Thank you again Jennifer! Adam is sex personified, and you have captured the very essence of his sexuality.

I can't wait to see him when he's free of the Idol shackles.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Can you imagine?

Sue 7 years ago

Thanks Jennifer....your thoughts about Adam are right on! I loved Adam from the first time I saw his audition, after he sang, I said to my boyfriend, this guy is special, he is going to be a superstar, I just know it! I am 49 yrs old and never have I been obsessed with any celebrity like I am with Adam...I have never voted when watching AI, never even went on the AI boards, and certainly never bought any itunes, and I am now doing all this....and more, I'm even going to the AI tour in August! All these things I do is because quite simply, Adam Rocks My World!! And, not only his singing (which is out of this world), but because he makes me smile all day long, just listening to him and watching him, he is who he is and doesn't make excuses, that's what makes him so darn sexy!!

Leah 7 years ago

Loved your article, Jennifer. I liked him right when I saw him on American Idol, I had to miss some shows because of work and would wonder when I get to see him again. After he became one of the front runners in the top 36, I made sure to dvr the shows! Always will be a fan of his and looking forward to his solo career. I'm of cougar age too, though I don't always like that term. But it's good one in a way, has a sexy vibe to it. lol

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thank you Sue and Leah. Glad you liked it. The cougar reference was used in the spirit of fun, and I agree - it has a sexy vibe to it.

Lee Ann 7 years ago

Love Adam.....I can't wait to see him in concert!! How does one restrain themself?

christina 7 years ago

i'm in my 20's and i find him to be hotter than all straight guys combined! I love how he has that sexy, mysterious, bad boy look with with an angelic touch. Also, i find who he is as a person very attractive. He's a perfect example of how someone can be sexy yet cute, bold yet coy, mature yet playful, confident yet down to earth, AND he's the sweetest guy on top guy that!

Is he for real??

I don't really run into guys like that. He also inspires me to accept myself more and be more comfortable in my own skin.

christina 7 years ago

lol correction..*he's the sweetest guy on top of that.

NW_Glambert 7 years ago

Really wonderful article! I sometimes start writing a blog so I can pour out my joy of all things Glambert, but I read others' postings and find my words on the screen. It is truly amazing what Adam is doing for so many, and I am so glad I watched Idol this year. I saw him at the Idols concert in Tacoma and cannot wait to see him on his own. That will be one loud audience.

BDN 7 years ago

I loved your article, but there is one thing I have to say. I'm a teenager and I think that (Aside from his obvious beauty ;]) he also has an incredible personality. I've watched interviews that have been posted online and although I don't know him personally, he seems very kind and very comfortable in his own skin- not to mention that he's so sweet and genuine with his fans. As far as I can tell, he's taken more pictures, signed more autographs, and just talked to people more than the other idols. :) That's why I'M a fan. I guess I can't really speak for others, but I'm sure that his looks aren't the only reasons that his teenage fans love him.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

BDN - point taken. I'm quite sure that the teen fan base appreciates Adam's personality,in addition to the things I've mentioned. It's refreshing to hear from an obviously well read and perceptive teen such as yourself, who doesn't place all the emphasis on his looks alone. Bravo.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

Great hub. I know about Adam's profile from your hub. I am not familiar with him. But I think he is famous artist as an American Idol. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca 7 years ago

With a voice that sultry, looks that hot, and confidence oozing from every pore, is there really an individual who can't stop and give a nod of respect on some level? He's well rounded, talented, and proud of who he is. That's sexy no matter who you are.

Sandra 7 years ago

I'm 72, what catagory do I fit into, lol love that man and can't get enough!I dream of being young again :)

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

The great thing about being 72, is that you don't HAVE to fit into any category, lol! Besides, it's just 27 backwards..And by the way, if you love Adam, then you are young again..

nooneunderstansme profile image

nooneunderstansme 4 years ago

i luv adam lambert so much i wish he would come and sing 4 towoac,co

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