Anderson Cooper Girlfriend

Anderson Cooper Girlfriend

For someone who is as visible in the public eye as Anderson Cooper,it truly is amazing that we hardly know a thing about his private life.Sure there is speculation about his sexual orientation and a quick search reveals a stunning 212,000 pages in google alone dedicated to finding any and all evidence of the elusive "Anderson Cooper girlfriend".

I know so many girls,this author included who would literally give their left lung to be seen on Mr.Cooper's arm as his girlfriend but ladies,that isn't going to happen.Like I previously mentioned,Anderson Cooper is an extremely private fella and if he had a girlfriend,I'm more than positive he wouldn't be flaunting her on the cover of People magazine.

But there are some girls Anderson doesn't mind hanging out with like:

  • Kelly Ripa - the chemistry between Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa is undeniable and so natural.They complement each other and have tons of fun whenever he fills in for Regis on the "Live With Regis and Kelly" show.I personally nominate Anderson as Regis' replacement should he ever quit.The ratings would skyrocket.I'm actually surprised Anderson and Kelly don't already have a show together.It is important to note though that Kelly Ripa is very happily married with three kids.
  • Erica Hill who cohosts AC360 with Anderson Cooper is another of Anderson's girlfriends.Usually co-anchors have to "fake" the chemistry with each other for the sake of television but not these two.They have so much fun together and their lively interaction and back and forth banter is well worth that one hour you spend glued to your telly watching AC360.Erica Hill is also happily married and as of this writing,she's expecting her second child and no,Anderson Cooper is not the father (hey,we didn't need Maury Povich to tell us that!)
  • Kathy Griffin - talk about an odd couple but hey,Anderson and Kathy make for good TV together and CNN realised this which is why the two were paired together to co-host a New Years Eve special on CNN.Anderson Cooper has got a wicked sense of humor so he definitely can hold his own when he's up against Kathy Griffin.I don't think they hang out off screen and I know he is definitely not dating her but they do have amazing chemistry onscreen.

The Many Ladies In Anderson Cooper's Life

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin
Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin
Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill
Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill
Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa
Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa

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Gerry Newton 7 years ago

Anderson Thank you for a fair comment on Tiger. I usually follow Fox ,but enjoy you with Kelly and being so straightforward. You have a lot of class and That is appreciated.

freebiescity profile image

freebiescity 7 years ago Author

I hate that I missed whatever this comment was but Anderson Cooper is one of the very few journalists who try to be fair and professional regardless of whatever the story is.

Betty 6 years ago

Why Anderson would you centre someone out on your show? Tuesday night I turned on your show and you were bringing your audiences' attention to a young woman who happened to be picking her nose. You and your guest to me were no different then the young kids on their cellphones being bullies. Oh yes there is a difference, you are suppose to be an adult. Cruel,thoughtless and small thats what I think of you now. She has to face her co workers family and friends you have to look yourself in the mirror. This is what I have been coming to expect from CNN though unprofessionlism and half truths.

freebiescity profile image

freebiescity 6 years ago Author

@Betty,I didn't watch the show on you have a link to the story? Anderson is usually very fair in his reporting,can't really imagine him resorting to the kind of behavior you're referring to but then again people these days would do anything for ratings *shrugs*...anyway,if you have a link,please post it.

Betty 6 years ago

I'm sorry I usually use my computer for e-mails and do not usually do this. I too thought Anderson was better then this and I turned on the tv to 360 when I couldn't sleep. This made me sit up I don't know how it started but I was hoping that someone would say it was a joke. I'm still hoping.

Ethan 6 years ago

Ummmm.... HE IS GAY!!!! that is why he does not have a girlfriend. He has a boyfriend. They live together. They are adopting a kid...

freebiescity profile image

freebiescity 6 years ago Author

Ethan,it's not my job to "out" people until they are ready to come out of the proverbial closet thats why in my article I specifically wrote "...there is speculation about his sexual orientation....."

Begood 5 years ago

I believe that Anderson Cooper is a gay. Watch his lower eye lids. Homosexual men tend to have petite puffed up lid closer to their eyes or very too thin eye lid, but too thin eye lid may also mean that the person is highly studious or works on very high intricate concept possibly a scientist or mathematician.

freebiescity profile image

freebiescity 5 years ago Author

I don't think you can tell a person's sexual orientation from body features - eye lids etc...thats just my two cents

djenaba camara 5 years ago

Thanks you Anderson Cooper i love you

Pheonix 5 years ago

I love Anderson Cooper. Infact I am going to get my haircut just like his. And yes my hair is the same colour.

Threasa 5 years ago

I love Anderson Cooper he is awesome, fair, and cute...

Chickie47 5 years ago

I love Anderson and enjoy his show very much. He has a great personality and very funny. Why shouldn't his private life be private. I don't blame him and what ever gender he likes is his business.

LILLIAN 5 years ago


reallybeoc# 4 years ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is gay. He wont admit it bc he is private, but I have SEEN him at many gay clubs in various cities. and I saw him making out with his BF, and NO I will not name him.

Norjay 4 years ago

Sounds like a lot of jealous posting people about Anderson Cooper who need to look in the mirror.....go get a job!!!!!!!!

christina 4 years ago

i love anderson cooper also his show in new york here in philippines i love his show....i see to the youtube his video about him and kathy griffin i like 2 see both because i like them to be a couple as sweet bonding i hope anderson is not true gay because his so very cute handsome and i like his eyes

christina 4 years ago

i hope anderson cooper and kathy griffin is to continue his relation to a good friend for ever what ever happened because both of them have a good chimistry kathy is close to mother of anderson so that anderson and kathy is a very close friend if anderson is true gay i understand that if his very happy about his feeling to the men not kathy i hope his not break up to kathy both of them is a good characteristic to become a friend forever im a solid fan of anderson cooper and kathy griffin here in the phippines

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