Best Chick Flicks

Chick flick is a slang term, typically used in a derogatory manner, for movies targeted towards a female audience, typically romantic comedies. Chick flicks do not only deal with romantic relationships but can also address female friendships. Chick flicks are generally released around Valentine's Day because they are excellent date night choices. Chick flicks are also popular films for a bunch of women to get together and go see for girls' night. Chicks flicks are generally light, comedies which also make them a great choice for a night in after a stressful week. If you are looking for inspiration for a chick flick to watch tonight, check out this list of the best chick flicks.

The Notebook

The Notebook instantly shot to the top of every girl's favorite movie when it was released in 2004. This beautifully written chick flick based upon the Nicholas Sparks novel alternates between the 1940s and present day as Duke reads a love story from his notebook. The Notebook tells the story of enduring, all encompassing true love that can create miracles. Be sure to have a box of tissues ready, as this chick flick is also a real tearjerker.


Titanic is without a doubt the highest grossing chick flick of all time and has the honor of also having won the Oscar for Best Picture. Due to its immense popularity, nearly everyone has seen Titanic at least once. This mega hit tells the story of two young adults from different economic worlds who fall in love on the doomed ship.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is the movie that made Julia Roberts a star! Roberts and Richard Gere team up in a story of a businessman who hires a hooker to accompany him to business functions because he needs someone who is all business and no emotional entanglements. As with any romantic comedy though, emotional entanglements ensue and the couple fall in love.

When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally have been friends for years, despite Harry's insistence that men and women cannot be friends because sex always gets in the way. Turns out Harry may be right as the two do fall in love. Harry and Sally perhaps teaches us the best lesson of all, that when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

The Proposal

The Proposal is a great chick flick that pairs romantic comedy legend Sandra Bullock with cutie Ryan Renolds. Renolds plays the assistant to Bullock's bitchy and executive (why are successful career women always portrayed as difficult bitches in movies?). Bullock is threatened with deportation when her visa expires and makes a deal with Renolds to pose as her fiancé so that she can obtain a green card. As is no surprise to the romantic comedy genre, hate turns to love as Bullock's character softens and they fall in love. With the addition of Betty White as Renolds' scene stealing grandmother, this chick flick is a must see.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic is based on the widely successful book series by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopaholic whose addiction has left her with a mountain of debt, ends up with a job writing a column on financial advice while searching for a job as a fashion columnist. Despite her inability to practice what she preaches, her advice makes her the toast of the town. As creditors are knocking down her door, Rebecca must find a way to keep her secret or lose her career. While dealing with her debt and career, Rebecca manages to find a bit of romance as well.

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl who is dumped by her boyfriend on their anniversary because she is not "serious enough" as he heads to Harvard Law. Determined to win her love back, Elle manages to get herself accepted to Harvard Law and follows him there. This California girl who loves pink and fashion does not quite fit in the with the serious, dowdy students at Harvard but soon she is finding success as well as finding herself.

Legally Blonde helped shoot romantic comedy darling Reese Witherspoon to super stardom and also led to the sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.

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