Alec - The worst player in Big Brother History

Alec from Big Brother Canada
Alec from Big Brother Canada

So on yesterday's Live Double Eviction episode, Alec was finally evicted from the Big Brother house. Thank god for Jillian actually thinking for herself and putting up Alec and Peter together to begin with, and then going "back" on her word and putting Topaz up. Everyone knows that in Big Brother your word doesn't mean anything, especially this late in the game. And at least Jillian tried to keep her word. In the end though, it's really Alec's own fault that he got evicted.

Alec should have played his "own" game

And by this I mean, for the love of god, stop trying so hard to be Will. I mean, I get it, Will was a great player and Alec looks up to him and the way he played the game in both Big Brother 2 and 7 worked exceptionally well for him. But that was WIll's game and Alec can only imitate so much of it. It seems however, that on top of Alec mimicking Will's game play, he also tried to mimic his personality. This of course ended up in Alec being nothing more than a failed copycat.

Sadly though, Alec failed hard on both accounts. In terms of game play, I don't understand what Alec was going for. Everyone knew he was smart, he's a social psychologist. And for the first few weeks it seemed he had at least the game play aspect of Dr. Will right, since he was pretty low on the radar and didn't win any real competition. However, he had a pretty prominent (and the first) showmance in the game, which already drew attention to him. And then he went and won the ten thousand dollar maze challenge and cockily gave up one of his HOH's to Andrew... and then he gave up on the POV competition that he could have won and saved himself with... It seems that right at the last moment Alec remembered that Will won without winning any competitions so he thought he could do the same with his 'excellent' social game.

Speaking of which, the only thing worse than Alec's game play was his social game. Or lack thereof. It actually hurt to watch Alec dig himself a deeper hole trying to talk to Jillian about not putting him up on the block. Why the hell would you threaten the HOH right before they're making nominations? I mean, I can see what Alec was trying to do, but he was too awkward to get his words out right I guess. Alec was trying to "plant" a seed as Doctor Will would say, but clearly Alec does not have the personality to pull that off, so why wouldn't he try his own tactic?

In a nutshell, Alec probably could have fared far better if he played his own game rather than his half-ass attempt at mimicking Will's which screwed him up royally at the end.

Since Big Brother Canada loves to interfere with the game though they're having another Power Play to vote one of the jury members back into the house. If by some miracle Alec makes it back in, hopefully he plays his own game this time. I can see him having potential win, as long as he doesn't go back to playing Will's game.

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