Books Only Ruin Movies

Movies or Books, not Movies and Books!!!

Have you ever walked out of the theater thinking to yourself "That movie isn't not as good as the book;" or even thought that the movie messed up parts of the book and everybody should be as upset about it as you should be? Well... I have not because I choose not to read books that are movies. I never want to leave a movie comparing it to the book and be upset about it. My wife brought this to my attenetion when we went to go see the open premier of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. She told me they cut out a lot of stuff and switched stuff around from the book. For example "Dobbi" the house elf( I probably spelled his name wronmg thus proving that I do not read the books) played a larger role in the books than the movies had shown. I actually saw people dressed up for the movie wearing pillow cases like the house elves, but unfortanately there were minimal house elves in the movie. So I was not disappointed because I did not read the books.

Same thing about the Lord of the Rings movies. I enjoy the movies immensely and do not ever regret for not having ever attempted to read the books.

I guess the big thing now is the Twilight series. I encourage you not to read the books, they will only destroy movies and a lot of time and effort go into these movies. Just kidding about reading the books, do what you want but that is my excuse for not reading books, is that it will only ruin the movies.

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