Cute Wittle Chipmunk

Cute Wittle Chipmunk, rickzimmerman 2010
Cute Wittle Chipmunk, rickzimmerman 2010

This critter’s not just wittle — he’s wee! More accurately, he’s “WHEEEEE!”, ‘cause it seems he never stops romping ‘round the back yard (except for the split-second in which I was able to capture this image).

He’s actually scampering about with joyful purpose, scouring up food of just about any sort he can find — nuts, seeds, grain, berries, fruit, frogs, eggs, insects, worms, fungi — then deftly packing it into one or the other cheek pouch for passage back home to the burrow.

This guy is known among friends as Chet, for the peculiar Ohio accent he happens to put on the “chip” and “chuck” calls he makes to pals throughout the day. He certainly prefers Chet to all the other sorts of names his kind has been called over the centuries — chipminck, vermin, striped squirrel, timber tiger, chitmunk, stripey rat, ajidamoo, pest, etc.

Chet is neither a larder hoarder (one who lives in the nest with his hoard through the winter) nor a scatter hoarder (one who places small caches of goodies roundabout, visiting each in turn as necessary). No, Chet is a boarder hoarder: he sets up stashes of stuff at secure spots so he and a select set of friends (boarders), by invitation, can gather and PAR-TAY! 

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