Do you want to know who is Jacob from Lost?

Who is Jacob?

Right now I'm thinking too much in time travel in lost, and I think I have an answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the series:''Who is Jacob?''

Well let's start ... First of all you have to understand that the island has been moved to the past, when all the survivors of Flight 815 were still there. The island back to the past, there are two John Lockes island, one in the future and one in the past.

Locke knowing it tries to leave the island, in any way, but their fate is not that. His destin is to stay in island as well as Michel, his fate was up to the ship comply with a mission, if not he could not die of anything. This is different from Locke, he tries to leave the island and how it is not the destination, the only way to fix this is leaving his soul stuck in that place until he returns. John Locke, leaving the island, through the coordinated 305 'in which Faraday cited, that he can return to this.

Who is really Jacob?

Is John Locke the "real" Jacob?
Is John Locke the "real" Jacob?

Returning to the present, as his soul that prey on the island he dies, and comes to the knowledge of other 6 oceanic who left the island, and even Ben. Ben is already aware of all this, and knows that the only way to make John live again is to lead him back to the island, because his soul rests there. More then you wonder, because if Ben knows that Jacob is Locke, because he did not speak, when the 2 were going to shed. It's simple, oque you would do, if you ask someone to''Who is that?''''Are You'' It means not strange? Good people is a complicated theory means, most everything so far is evidence that.

Who is really Jacob?

Is Christian Sheppard the "real" Jacob?
Is Christian Sheppard the "real" Jacob?

There are a few more things that point that Jacob is Locke:

  1. Jacob does not like electricity, so as John
  2. Jacob speaks ''Help me'' to Locke and Ben when the 2 are in the hut
  3. And if you go to Google and search for ''Jacob'', it will display the face of Locke and Jacob.

What do you think of this theory? I guess we all have to wait until the end of season 5, or not!

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Who is really Jacob?

Is Benjamin Linus the "real" Jacob?
Is Benjamin Linus the "real" Jacob?
Is Claire the "real" Jacob?
Is Claire the "real" Jacob?
Is Alvar Hanso the "real" Jacob?
Is Alvar Hanso the "real" Jacob?

Give us your shot!

Who do you think that is Jacob?

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Comments 18 comments

AL-TAREQ 7 years ago

interesting theory..

if it'll happen, then u r a genius


john t 7 years ago

it is arron from the future

spranto profile image

spranto 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Never tought about Aaron. Nice point of view!

Ellis 7 years ago

I think it might be Jack who is jacob stuck there from the 70's

spranto profile image

spranto 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Another amazing shot. Seems likely too. Thank you all for your comments.

Basil 7 years ago

The Island is the Garden of Eden, Jacob is Able, and the never-aging Richard Alpert is really a penitant Cain

spranto profile image

spranto 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you for your comment, but i disagree with you. I believe that the island is Atlantis, not the garden of eden. Think of the others as the true and permanent inhabitants of the island, as well as the "magical" powers that it has.

Afonso profile image

Afonso 7 years ago from Lisbon

And who is the man who isn't Locke? the man who killed Jacob? Wait for the next season to know the answer lol

spranto profile image

spranto 7 years ago from Portugal Author

@Afonso I guess we all have to wait, but I guess that answer will no be given until the end of the series. So next season will only give us more courage to watch more and more Lost episodes!

david 7 years ago

it is definitley eden no question about it as the season finale begins we are looking at god and lucifer who says to jacob do you know how bad i want to kill you? god is looking for a man and a woman to start the whole of human existence over lucifer says to jacob you bring them here you always bring them here

Fred 7 years ago

I would say that or Jacob is Aaron, or Jacob is... Jacob, some kind of God.

DharmaLady23 profile image

DharmaLady23 7 years ago

Interesting, did you see the finale? I was so amazed that Jacob was an actual being that we could see and touch and talk to. And then there's the other guy that was pretending to be Locke that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the storyline...

Gholi 7 years ago

it is Richard!

joe hubris 7 years ago

I don't think the island is atlantis, but an artifact of the atlantean civilization. I think that the real jacob and his nemesis are the last decendants of that civilization. The diaspora of that civilization founded the ancient cultures of egypt, greece, india, china. Etc. The island was built to keep the spirits/minds of the dead.

john m. 7 years ago

I agree that the island is the Garden of Eden. Beginning of Civilization. The island moves because God keeps it hidden from the rest of the world. Adam & Eve are Rose and her husband. They comment about "all you people do is kill each other (similar to what the man in the black shirt comments to Jacob about the men on the approaching sailing ship.

Jacob is Able, and the man in the black shirt is Cain who wants to kill his brother, and wants to prove to Jacob that killing is inherent in all mankind. Anti-war/violence message from the show's writers?? I'm still working out who Richard is...maybe he's Cain's son?

stinchy 7 years ago

I keep thinking of the Titans imprisoned by Zeus. Locke tells Richard it is nice to see him out of those chains and that he just wants to go home. Not sure who Jacob would be though. Also everyone off the island seems to think it holds big trouble for everyone.

kb 6 years ago

guys Cain and Able never lived in The Garden of Eden Their parents were cast out before they were born.

Christina 6 years ago

Jack Shepherd is JACOB.

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