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Ever wondered who Carla Abellana is? OF course, you know that she is the lead star in the Philippine adaptation of Rosalinda, which was first portrayed by Mexican superstar, Thalia. Aside from that, what else do you know about the newest primetime queen of GMA-7?

Carla Angelene Reyes Abellana or Carla Abellana in the showbiz seen was born on the 12th of June, 1986. She is teh daughter of 80's matinee idol Rey "PJ" Abellana and Rhea Reyes. Her grandmother is Delia Razon, one of the finest Filipina actress during her time.

Carla Abellana is not your ordinary actress. She graduated as Cum Laude at De La Salle University in Manila. She did a number of print and ramp modeling stint and was once linked to a basketball player. She broke up with him to concentrate on her showbiz career.

She signed up a 10 picture contract with Regal Films upon accepting the role of Rosalinda some months ago. She is currently paired with Geoff Eigenmann and so far, their tandem shows big potential on making it big someday.

Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana as Rosalinda
Carla Abellana as Rosalinda

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Comments 18 comments

danrols sabilita 7 years ago

ang ganda mo naman sino ba naman di ma in love sayo rosalinda.....

maria 7 years ago

Carla is really hot actress, would u like to share some of her with us

aImee 7 years ago

...hi carla,,you so beautiful!i like your smile,, bagay na bagay kau ni geoff.

Cristino 7 years ago

Carla Abellana is the new Amalia Fuentes beauty wise.She

will be the next superstar.

antonio 7 years ago

Watch out Marian Rivera, right now you are the primetime

tv queen, but soon Carla Abellana will give you a stiff

competition, the 'crown' will be taken away from you.

marian rivera 7 years ago

hoy carla dapat ako dyan sa rosalinda.inagaw mo lang.di ka namn bagay na maging rosalinda ako lang ang bagay

abigail g. viilavicencio 7 years ago

ang gnda mo super sana mkta kta sa personal

kazandra 7 years ago


kazandra 7 years ago


mark anthony 7 years ago

mas pogi pa ako kay richard pakiss naman marian rvera

mark anthony 7 years ago

mas pogi pa ako kay richard pakiss naman marian rvera

amy 6 years ago

you look like your dad.very pretty..

arlyn v.delos santos 6 years ago

ate carla ganda mo sana makita kita sa personal ilove u arlyn


russell 6 years ago

I like both of them they are so great atist I want to be an like artis super star boy I want to kiss them both in real life.

jords from davao 6 years ago

good smile ang ganda u naman

argie 6 years ago

ang ganda m pwede manligaw,

ain in qatar  5 years ago

i like her eyes

theresa tungcayadan 4 years ago

carla,why your so very beautiful woman?????/haha,

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