Gold Digging...Male Style ...Saturdaty Night-11:00 P.M.

Gold digging male style...11:00 p.m. Sat. night.



A peek into what men really rthink about. ~~~LOL


There's a palace in those shadows,
satin fabric skirts it's entrance,
So I sit here quite entranced by
two columns of smoothest ivory
that support its hidden chambers.

The distance to it's gateway
at first view measures in inches
but all passage is reserved
to those deemed worthy of it's beauty.

Quite high above this portal
that leads to that sacred tunnel

darkly shaded, floral scented
sit blue eyes I'd thought distracted.

Now they lock their gaze upon me,
suddenly those ivory columns
tightly tops the other,
blotting out all royal musings
my imagination fostered.

The princess of that palace
with disdain will now ignore me.
My potential suitorship's denied
by attempts to sneak a peek
at that Queendom all knights seek.
all knights alone...
on nights alone
on nights
like these...................

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