How To Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

The King of Pop may be dead, but the dance move that he made famous worlwide will live forever. As Time Magazine's Claire Suddath puts it, “Michael Jackson took one small, backward step onto a television stage — and one giant leap into dance-floor history.”

So, forget the Macarena or the Mash Potato. If you want to impress anyone on the dance floor, you HAVE to learn how to moonwalk like Michael Jackson.

Luckily for you, the Moonwalk can be learned easily with the help of this hub. So take out some comfortable clothes and your dacing shoes and I'll show how to moonwalk, step by step. If you don't like reading, then just go ahead and watch the following video.

The Moonwalk, Step by Step

What you need: Smooth floor, black pants, white socks, black loafers.

How to do it:

  1. Put your feet together.

  2. Move the right foot to the “L position.” Right ankle raised, right toes pointing downward.

  3. Put your weight to your right foot. This will give your left foot some freedom to slide backward.

  4. While you slide your left foot to the back, slowly lower your right foot. Your left foot should assume the “L position” exactly when the entire right foot reaches the floor.

  5. Now put your weight on your left foot and do steps 3 and 4. Rinse and repeat. =)

  6. You can move your arms as if you are walking to better create the illusion of “moonwalking”.

  7. You can bob your head in time for more effect.

You probably know that Michael Jackson did not event the dance move. It was invented by a French mice named Marcel Marceau.

Here's a video of the King of Pop doing the Moonwalk:

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Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

Good Hub!!!

LISA 7 years ago


lowlycook profile image

lowlycook 7 years ago from Deep Asia

Now I can show some new moves to my audience as I preach.

Dawood 7 years ago

no one ever will do moonwalking as MJ did.....

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