How to Learn Ballroom Dancing, be in Love with it and be Happy!

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Learn the steps

Tired with your job in the city? Are you so stressed up nowadays? With all the news about the new version of economic setbacks, trying to make ends meet, why not just shrug off your should and say, "I can do this. I can pass through this crisis".

Tickle your feet away! Even if you have two 'left feet' or 'right feet', encourage your partner to enroll in a dance club and go ballroom dancing.

You have time for other things, why not include it as your way of body exercise (like aerobics)?

We don't have to be stars or known figures to learn the ropes of this kind of hobby. Simply wear your dancing shoes and tell the dance instructor that you want to learn the basics or improve your technique in many styling of ballroom dancing.

Or you can still learn the basics at home through self-instruction dance videos that you can buy from the store.

I don't have to interpret it to you by myself. Words are not enough to describe each dance style. Visuals, like the videos below, can help us learn more about it. Thanks to all the benevolent people who are eager to help the dance wannabes out there. You just have to choose what kind of ballroom dance category you want to learn. It can be slow, moderate, fast and super fast steps. Any health problems can be cured by these dances.

Just take one step a little then go with the flow. With your partner and the music, nothing could go wrong if its ballroom dancing. Young and young at hearts will enjoy the company of enthusiasts clapping their hands, stomping your feet and dancing the night away. You can compete or just dance for pleasure.

So, enjoy and have fun. Let's dance!

Dance by heart

I was dancing since I was a child. My father gave me a vinyl record-playing machine as a gift. I used to play dance recordings (45 rpms). I still cherish the vinyl records that were preserved three decades ago.

I know the dances by heart. The most popular among it is the cha-cha (or cha-cha-cha). I also like waltz, it's very intimate among couples or partners. I can also dance simple steps of many latin dances (mambo, paso doble, salsa) but when tango music plays on, only the experts are left on the dance floor.

I still watch but my heart still dances and jive with the steps.

Trivia: All dances originated mostly from the movements of the leaves, trees, animals, water, etc. and humans are just mimicking it. Can you believe it?

Passion Dance:Mixture of Ballroom Dances and More

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Thanks for putting this all in one place. I can bookmark it. I look forward to dancing - but finding a good partner - that is hard. I wrote a hub (sigh?) asking 'why won't men dance?' - it seems so many men just won't. (Sigh again).

But I'll have this information should I come across a...dancing man!


travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

You're welcome, BkCreative. Maybe your men are too busy with their jobs. Anyway, my mother who's a widower said that she didn't need a man anymore. She have had lady friends who are also widowers and senior citizens, too, that are dancing by themselves during special occasions. I agree, as long as she's happy.

Salsa Dancing 7 years ago

I perosnally like salsa, for no othr reason than the fact that salsa is so common in London, which means it's a lot easier to practice and get good very fast.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

Salsa Dancing, thanks for dancing,err commenting on my hub. Londoners are good dancers, too, like you I'm sure.

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