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A Victim of the January 10th Earthquake
A Victim of the January 10th Earthquake

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This Documentary film serves only to enlighten the general public about the afflictions of the people of Haiti, it is not in anyway meant to condemn, criticize or to commend any institution, government agency or person(s) dead or alive.

After the January 12th Earthquake that struck and left millions of people homeless and devastated,friends and sympathizers all over the globe opened their wallets for Haiti,love was poured into the country from every corner.However, despite all that was given and received,millions of people are still stocked under tents and canopies, living condition is still catastrophic and so many families are yet to stand.People began to ask questions about the management and disbursement of the funds given to Haiti.

This film serves as an eye opener and an answer to the question curious minds all over the world are asking. You will see people like Mr. Samuel Saint Victor a retired government veteran shed light about the condition of life in Haiti, Mr Peter Delatour,a politician and business man spoke about the distribution of the aid that was given to Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake,Pastor Romelus Cene,a veteran pastor voiced his own opinion and also went on to talk about the Haiti Voodoo practice.

This film is a must watch for anyone who feels for the poor across the globe because it is educative,inspirational and above all emotional

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Proceeds from this film will help touch a soul in Haiti

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50 Caliber 5 years ago from Arizona

Melvin, an honorable en devour, God Bless, 50

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Rossimobis 5 years ago from Biafra Author

Thank you sir,thanks for your continuous support

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