In The Wiggle Of A Fairy Tale.


In the wiggle of a fairy tale * |

I had a huge crush
on the tooth fairy.

She was after all
the first strange woman
to enter my bedroom
and give me a
little something
to treasure.

She was as lovely
as a porcelain doll
in my imagination
and would always be
standing by and smiling
whenever I had something hard
that was wiggling
and tempting her to come.

I loathed the fact that
my teeth only
numbered in the 30's'
wishing I was a
T-rex or a shark.

But whenever that
glorious event
occurred and a
small bit of
my oral matter
was expelled,
I was ecstatic with glee
for I now had a date
with the tooth fairy.

If I had
had my way
pliers would have been
my toy of choice,
as I pulled them all.

Canines unleashed,
wisdom's vacated,
molars no mo,
and I would have spent
30 blissful consecutive nights
blowing toothless kisses
in my sleep.

Planting gummy
hickeys on her neck
and smiling in a hollow way
as she gently
fluffed my pillow,
and left me with
a gap in my mouth
and in my life.

There was always
the tiny bit of coinage  
that she left behind
in tribute to my giving her
a part of myself so deeply rooted,
but it was truly
insufficient to satisfy
my craving for just
one gap toothed kiss.

She left me at an early age
and other urges
kicked in of course.

In fact I found myself at 13
with something else that
was hard and wiggled
and often wished there was an
underwear fairy
who stole your B.V.D.s,
your virginity and left you with
a big smile and
a small circle of dampness
in the middle of your chest.

But I will always hold
a fond place in my heart
for the fairy that took my
baby teeth and left
a cavity in my heart.



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