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As a young girl, Jessica Alba suffered from several bouts of illness. Her father was in the Air Force, and the family was posted to bases in Mississippi, then Texas. Thankfully by the time the family return to California, Jessica had shrugged off her poor-health, and had grown into a typically precocious youngster.

When just a few years old Jessica had announced her intention to be an actress - at the age of 12, she began acting lessons. Just twelve months later, her talent was recognized by an agency, and she was put on their books.

After playing a number of smaller roles, she landed a part in the successful TV series Flipper (which was filmed mostly abroad in Australia).

Making the transition from a child acting prodigy to a fully fledged adult actress can be a difficult hurdle, but Jessica proved herself capable of handling more mature roles with well-received parts in the movies Idle hands (1999), and Never Been Kissed (1999).

Next came her breakthrough role, in the fabulous TV series Dark Angel. Jessica played the part of Max Guevera, a genetically enhanced, transgenic, super-soldier who's escaped from a secret governmental experimental program.

Jessica's talents were much in demand, and she landed the role as the stripper Nancy Callahan in the dark and sinister (and nearly monochromatic) Sin City. More high headlining movie roles have followed, with starring parts in Into The Blue (2005), and Fantastic Four (2005).

Jessica is currently in the top ten Best Looking Women at 100 Best Everything.

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