Laughing Samoan Comedians

It is well known that laughter is good for your health. There is enough bad news going around, that I feel it is time for a breather. It took me a few years of living in Hawaii to be introduced to a couple of really funny guys, known as The Laughing Samoans.

Without being too crude or offensive, they have been able to go from drawing crowds of a couple hundred to filling up concert halls with thousands of fans.

Tofiga Fepulea'i
Tofiga Fepulea'i
Eteuate Ete
Eteuate Ete

I won't guarantee you will get all their jokes. But if you have been around Polynesians for any amount of time, you are sure to see the humor in their jokes. As someone said (I don't remember who) Somewhere, fat is beautiful! Polynesians like to make fun about their being overweight. It is easier than going on a diet!

Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea'i are both of Samoan descent. Their first show was in February of 2003 in Wellington, New Zealand. They have been showcased in Australia, Fiji, Rarotonga, Papua New Guinea, and have toured the United States including Hawaii. That's where I live, so I feel lucky to get to see them again. Shows have included:

  • Laughing With Samoans
  • A Small Samoan Wedding
  • Old School
  • Off Work
  • Crack Me Off
  • Prettyfull Woman
  • Chocka Block

Ete was born in Samoa and then moved with his parents to New Zealand at the age of 12. He attended the Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School, and was one of the first Polynesians to do so. He has extensive film, stage, radio and television experience.

Tofiga often changes his attire and attempts to pass himself off as other people, including Aunty Tala. You can check out his blog here.

Tofiga was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand. He played rugby at Rongotai College until he got tired of chasing a little ball around the rugby field.  He has worked with youth at risk and was active in his church. He actually has a terrific singing voice, rivaling Elvis himself. Don't forget to watch the first video, where you will see what I mean.

Together they won the Pacific Business Enterprise of the Year award, so they have been literally laughing all the way to the bank.

They have a facebook page, too!

So, if you need to lighten up, just put in a DVD, check out youtube or get on facebook, or better yet, get in on one of their tour venues and get your fill of The Laughing Samoans!!

Aunty Tala
Aunty Tala

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elayne001 profile image

elayne001 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

We all need a good laugh now and then. At least you would understand some of their Polynesian humor. Thanks for commenting.

LianaK profile image

LianaK 5 years ago

These guys are hillarious! Saw them live in concert once--laughing for days :).

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Hope you get a chance to see them in action Hanna.

Hanna 5 years ago

I'm from Wellington :D Strange that I haven't heard of them yet.

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Glad you enjoyed it WallStickerDecals. Thanks for commenting.

WallStickerDecals profile image

WallStickerDecals 5 years ago from US

He is really funny! How cute.

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Glad you get their humor Frieda. Thanks for commenting!

Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 5 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Hah! These guys are funny. Great article.

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