Laughing on the Outside

What am I doing here?!

Ever have a day where you want to hit the rewind button and start over? This is how I feel most days.

In the building where I work there is a closet with a ladder that leads to the roof. It is right next to my hole (as I lovingly refer to my cubicle). There are days when a trip up that ladder and a dive off the roof are appealing.

Don't get the wrong idea; I'm not suicidal, just high-strung. To say that I am on the wrong career path would be the understatement of the year. I have been on this misguided path for 15 years! I desperately want to jump off this track and find my true calling.

I love words. I love books. I love journaling. I write poetry. I have a sarcastic comic dying to leap out of me onto the blank page.

So, here I go, I'm leaping into the blog world on the shakey wings of hope. Hope that someone out there will listen and keep coming back for more.

Stayed tuned...I have a lot to say!

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patty 7 years ago

keep talking girl...keep talkin'!

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