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On The Quest For New Music

The Rock music scene is something that seems to be declining as more and more artist try to make it in the music business. Being born in the eighties and nineties I have had the luxury of getting to know some great bands and legendary music that still to this day cannot be forgotten. I have a never ending quest to discover new music, not to replace the old, but to continue to please audiences with original music. Believe or not, there are some great bands rocking out in today’s music scene, you just have to know where to look. Some are from America; others are from other parts of the world. I am here to share a few of the newer artists that I have discovered.


The first band I would like to bring to everyone’s attention is a band that has been rocking the Australia music scene for a many years now. Formed in 1997 in the city of Perth, Karnivool offers a great rock sound that is deep, melodic yet mysterious. They remind me somewhat of Tool. This five piece band is finally starting to emerge onto the American rock music scene. They are very original and offer a sound that is like no other. Each song is unique in its own way offering a different sound that a lot of cliché rock is not familiar with. They have two full albums released. Themata (2005) and Sound Awake (2009). Themata offers a more raw sound of an early Karnivool who has yet to evolve. Sound Awake offers a more evolved and polished Karnivool sound. Both are great albums to own for rock music fans.

My Favorite Song From Karnivool

Dead Letter Circus

The next band I am going to mention is also from Australia. This band is probably a little better known than Karnivool. From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Dead Letter Circus is another band who is quickly becoming more and more successful with their new rock sound. Dead Letter Circus offers a blend of great guitar riffs and ripping drumming that seems to have been forgotten in rock music. The offer some heavy and some melodic songs that continues to please audiences everywhere. This Is the Warning is the first and only full album as of now that packs a great and distinctive rock sound that many listeners are becoming fans of. I believe that this band is currently touring and also planning a second full album to be released in the near future.

Favorite Song From Dead Letter Circus


The third band I am going to share with you is a band that is on the heavier side of rock. Being a big fan of Metallica, I am always open to what the members of Metallica are listening to. And lead singer James Hetfield is a big fan of the heavy Danish rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, Volbeat. Heavy drums, metal guitar riffs and deep vocals, Volbeat keeps the tradition of great heavy metal without having to scream the lyrics. Volbeat has four albums that have been released. The Strength/the Sound/the Song (2005), Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil (2007), Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood (2008) and Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (2010). These albums offer hard rock and some heavy metal but also have a few surprises. Like a harmonica solo, or maybe a banjo intro before breaking into the heavy music. Volbeat continues to grow on me because of the way they continue such great heavy metal music without it getting out of hand.

A Great Metal Song

America's Turn To Rock

Now, those were the bands that have rocked in other countries and are starting to emerge on the scene in America’s rock music today. So, it’s time to share a few bands that have originated on domestic soil and are becoming more popular with today’s audiences. .

Cage The Elephant

High energy, a little punk, a little classic rock and a whole lot of sound, Cage the Elephant is the next band I want to point out to you. The National Corvette Museum is not the only thing that Bowling Green, Kentucky has to brag about. Cage the Elephant began as a local band in Bowling Green rocking out many of small clubs until they began touring nationwide. Formed in 2006, Cage the Elephant began to become popular with their live shows that offered a blend of rock music that some bands would not even attempt. With their two albums Cage the Elephant (2008) and Thank You, Happy Birthday (2011), they are probably most famous for the hit single, Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. Cage the Elephant can be heard many times on various rock stations worldwide.

The Hit Single From Cage the Elephant

Red Line Chemistry

The last band I am going to discuss is another band from America, Red Line Chemistry. From the land of great Bar-B-Que, Red Line Chemistry emerged onto the local rock scene of Kansas City, Missouri. Offer a bit of a more heavy rock sound that isn’t quite metal, Red Line Chemistry offers some great hard rock that anyone fan would crank up and jam out to. Chemical High and a Hand Grenade (2006) and Dying for a Living (2011) are the two albums that have been released by Red Line Chemistry. Both offer great rock riffs and power cords that keep the album going from start to finish. This is a band that continues their efforts to rock across America and continue to share the stage with bigger name bands.

Favorite Song from Red Line Chemistry

The Quest Will Still Continue

These are the bands that stick out to me for people who continue their search for great and original rock music. I continue to look for other bands that offer the same unique and exclusive sounds that many other bands cannot imitate. Rock music comes in various forms, but it’s the sounds and music that are innovative that make bands stand out among the rest.

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Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 4 years ago from Louisiana, USA Author

Everyones a critic. i appreciate the honesty. and daughtry came out after volbeat so, i think we would have to say daughtry sounds like volbeat. and from a drummer's point of view, volbeats music especially drums are very good. the lead singer i will admitt has to grow on ya. well said about dead letter circus.

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

well, let's say that daughtry sounds like creed and creed (vocally)sounds like stone temple pilots (vocally) and stone temple pilots sound like pearl jam :-)

Ya, volbeat's drummer was really good, but I found the rest of the music to be really uninteresting.

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 4 years ago from Louisiana, USA Author

i will agree that some songs of volbeat the guy does sound like scott stapp and i hate scott stapp. but i love stp and pearl jam.

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

oh, i love those bands too. STP and PJ hit the scene about the same time so I think the vocal similarities are merely coincidental. I imagine about ten years ago I would have dug all these bands, but, my tastes have changed

TheHeavyReview profile image

TheHeavyReview 4 years ago

Cool hub! I'm usually into heavier bands, but I knew most of the ones you listed here. It's kind of hard to find good rock these days, many bands that are specifically hard rock (and not metal, for example) are really overproduced and polished sounding. There are lots of great heavy metal bands out there to keep me occupied, though!

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 4 years ago from Louisiana, USA Author

It is hard to find. So much of it is mainstream. But check out the new staind album. really good album. thanks for stopping by man.

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