Luciano Pavarotti And James Brown's Masterpiece Just Before They Died!

Relish Them One More Time!

I still can't believe they're dead...Luciano Pavarotti dead at age 71. He died on September 6th, 2007, from pancreatic cancer. Already so many years have gone by, but it seems like yesterday to me. There's a whole generation that will not even know who he was. Just recently I was again relishing the concert that he had done some time ago with James Brown. They sang, "It's A Man's World," majestically, and it can be seen/appreciated on YouTube, but I have it here below, for you to relish. It makes the hair on my neck and arms stand up. I don't know whose idea it was to bring those two together for a concert, but it was brilliant. It was genius. Being from totally different worlds in the musical arena, those two greats from two entirely different worlds, Luciano, a Great Tenor from the Operatic World and James, King (or Godfather) of Soul and Rhythm and Blues, made their two different styles blend and unite into one majestic performance, never to be seen together or performed again. Brown, who died on Christmas morning, 2006, succumbed to heart failure. Little did they know that they would be dying on dates within less than a year from each other, and both being in their 70s. Brown was only 73. May you both rest in peace, and may you continue to be great in Heaven. It is our great loss, and Heaven's gain. I can just imagine all the appreciative people in the spirit world clapping and cheering at their arrival...!!! Who knows, maybe they will continue to create great music together.....for Heaven's sake! I miss them both.

There is a movie about the life of James Brown that will be showing soon. I can't wait to see that one! I have seen the previews and it seems to be really good.

It's A Man's World - Brown and Pavarotti Masterpiece

Luciano Pavarotti
Luciano Pavarotti
James Brown
James Brown

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thecounterpunch profile image

thecounterpunch 9 years ago

Wow I just learnt this sad news through your hub. I will regret him for sure as I made a past hub with some videos with him:

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 9 years ago Author

They will both be missed greatly, but they certainly made their mark on all of us.

Robert 9 years ago

I love different kinds of music. Thanks to you, I now have a chance to hear these two forces of nature sing together. I'm sure it will be a fitting memorial to them both. I'm going to listen to "It's a Man's World" right now! Thanks maricarbo!

maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 9 years ago Author

I have posted the video from YouTube below to facilitate viewing of it to my readers and fans....

Jonathan Parker 9 years ago

It was a shock to hear he had passed and somehow whenever someone as well known and loved as Luciano leaves us we feel a deep loss that impacts millions. Thank you for posting this.

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