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‘Luck’ is a new drama series on HBO, starring Dustin Hoffman (‘Rain Man’). The show will premiere on January 29th in the 9/8c timeslot. The pilot was aired as a preview on December 11, 2011, and a total of 1.14 million people tuned in.

The show is about frequent visitors to a horse-racing track, with as main character Chester ‘Ace’ Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman). Ace has just been released from prison and is deeply involved in the gambling around the race track. Also gambling are Marcus, Lonnie, Renzo, and Jerry who make a lot of money after discovering the tactics of one of the racers.

When I looked into the show for the first time I wasn’t sure what to expect. The fact that skilled actors like Dustin Hoffman (‘Rain Man’) and Michael Gambon (‘Harry Potter’) star in this show is promising, however to me it was unclear what the show would actually be about. After watching the first episode I discovered that it is quite important to know a thing or two about horse racing. Also, I got confused by all the gambling and the jargon. I think that not understanding is part of the reason why I didn’t like the show.

I’d really like to know what you guys think about the show. Was it because I don’t know a thing about horse racing that I didn’t like the show? Or was it simply because it was unclear what was happening?

What did you think of 'Luck'?

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Martyv25 4 years ago

Hey Robin, this show premiered in England last night, I never really had any intention of watching it but like you I thought if Dustin Hoffman is starring and producing then it can't really be that bad. I don't tink it was a bad show, or at least not a bad "Pilot". To know at least a little about Horse Racing (I don't) would be beneficial to keep up with the gambling slang that is used. I knew what they were doing picking horses from every race, over here we call that accumulative betting which pays better but the odds are usually longer, mind you I'm no gambler I just pick up bits and pieces from friends. I bet once a year on Horses for the Grand National, that's it.

I can't say I was crazy about Luck, it clearly has a darker side which is yet to be explored. Dusin Hoffman owns the screen without even opening his mouth and the "Rookie" Jockey looks like he will play a bigger part, race fixing probably. Did I miss something? It wasn't explained why Dustin Hoffman was in prison. If I had to guess I would say it was some sort of betting scam.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 4 years ago Author

It's definitely true that there is more to 'Luck' than meets the eye. A few thing were left unexplained (like why Ace was in prison), but I think that sooner or later those things will be explained.

I am somewhat curious about why Ace was in prison, but the pilot didn't make me interested enough to keep watching.

Martyv25 4 years ago

I saw a comment somewhere saying that his prison sentence was something to do with drugs, quite how they came to that conclusion I'm not sure. I liked it enough to check out the second epiosde but I don't think I could take in the full season.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 4 years ago Author

Let me know what you think about the second episode. I'm curious, and maybe, if you really like it I will give it another shot.

Martyv25 4 years ago

Maybe I'll review the second episode here on Hubpages rather than on my site, that's providing I can think of something to say.

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