Marry The Man

Marry The Man


Marry The Man

by Chuck RitenouR (c 2004)

verse 1
You say he's the one and you're wearing his diamond ring
but so many times before that didn't mean a thing
are you gonna make him a fool just because you can
or take a chance on forever girl and marry the man ?

verse 2
If he treats you like a queen, I ve heard you say he does
Showers you with presents, showers you with love
you want to start all over, girl I understand
but I can't believe its true ti I see you marry the man

I can still remember how it used to be
it wasn't so long ago you said those things of me
I was blinded by love and broken by your lies
just a piece of life's puzzle that you left behind

verse 3
I hope his heart is strong, I hope his heart is kind
and I wonder if you'll break his heart the way that you broke mine
I hope your life turns out the way you've always planned
and I hope my heart can move on, when you marry the man.



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