Missing TV Show Review 2012 - Will Rebecca Winstone Find Her Son Before It's Too Late?

Missing TV Show Review 2012

I have to say that I wasn't looking forward to watching the new TV show called Missing, on ABC. I really thought it was going to be another version of Taken, where Liam Nieson played the loving father who goes in search of his kidnapped daughter. Yes if you have read anything about the Missing TV show then this premise should sound familiar. However, I quickly found myself interested in the storyline and found it far more intriguing and interesting than I had anticipated.

My initial low regard for the Missing TV series wasn't aided by the trailer either. Although, after watching the premiere episode of Missing I am glad they had such a plain and simple trailer. More often than not, a trailer can show you the whole first episode in less than 4 minutes. This can leave the viewer disappointed with the TV series even if it is amazing. After all, the goal is to watch something new and not a repeat. By having a simple trailer, the first episode in the Missing series was able to leave a lasting impression.

The most annoying thing about Missing is the name. There have been so many TV shows and films with the same name that it's easy to get confused which TV show we are actually discussing.

That aside, there are a number of reasons that I enjoyed watching Missing and why I think the Missing TV series could be a spy drama with a twist, therefore making it well worth watching.

Michael and Rebecca Winstone running through the park.
Michael and Rebecca Winstone running through the park.

What is the Missing TV Show About?

Missing started off with an attractive young woman running through the Community Park. Rebecca Winstone speaks with her husband, Paul, and her eight year old son, Michael, on her cell phone. She is alone as her family is in France. She tells her husband that she is ready to have another child and can't wait for him to return home. Michael runs back into the hotel to get his signed football but the car Paul is in explodes.

Michael returns home with his mother's friends, Martin, and the Missing TV show skips forward ten years.

Michael is now eighteen and is racing his mum through the same park she was running through ten years before. This is the first time he has ever beaten her and decides this is the best moment to tell her that he got into a summer architecture program. The only catch is that it's in Italy.

Rebecca is reluctant to let Michael out of her sight but she agrees to let him go to Rome. Before he leaves she outlines the fastest route on the map to the American Embassy, so he knows where to go if he gets into trouble. Clearly this is not the first thing a normal parent would do in this situation and the viewer begins to wonder about Rebecca Winstone.

Michael shows his mum some code that means he loves her but only she will know what it means. It's so he won't get embarrassed if he texts it or says it on the phone to her, around his friends. He sends it to her before she has even left the airport.

Michael keeps in regular contact with his mum while in Rome. He sends her texts and pictures on his cell. He video conferences with her and leaves her voice mails. Michael is only ever a phone call away but then he doesn't contact his mother for a week.

Rebecca decides to fly to Rome to find Michael when she receives a call informing her that Michael moved out of his dorm two weeks ago and hasn't been seen since. He has also missed his last three classes and has been removed from his study program. This is outside the scope of Michael's normal behaviour. His mother is extremely worried and believes Michael has gone missing.

Rebecca follows the texts
Rebecca follows the texts
An assassin comes to kill Rebecca Winstone
An assassin comes to kill Rebecca Winstone

Using the pictures and messages Michael sent her, Rebecca is able to backtrack and locate the apartment in which Michael was staying. After discovering some of Michaels clothes, and cell phone, someone else enters the apartment. He has a gun and they have a scuffle. Rebecca tries to extract information from this mysterious man but is forced to kill him. She quickly leaves when she hears the police sirens approaching.

However, she did speak to this would be assassin in Italian. When Michael called her and spoke Italian she always pretended she didn't understand. This is again proven when she calls an Italian called Giancarlo and arranges to meet.

Giancarlo and Rebecca have history. They used to work together many years ago when Rebecca was still a CIA agent. The man Rebecca killed in the apartment was an ex-Italian intelligence officer. No-one had seen him in the last 4 years. Giancarlo helps Rebecca to find her son.

Rebecca continues to follow the clues and goes to a nightclub her son frequented. She meets a girl that was dating Michael. Francesca sends Rebecca on a wild goose chase and when Rebecca returns, Francesca is dead.

Rebecca accesses the security camera footage from a local store to find out what happened to her son. She sees him being abducted and stolen away in a black van. However, the kidnappers have never contacted her to pay a ransom, have never made any demands or any other actions that would normally be associated with kidnappers.

Rebecca traces the van to France and takes the train to cross the border. She is intercepted by CIA agents, as her actions have aroused suspicions. She is detained by Dax Miller in France but he agrees to let her go for three hours, in order to find her son.

She finds the van in the warehouse, which is being guarded by men with guns. Inside she finds Michael's "!I love you mum" code on the wall. She also discovers that there are drugs inside the statues being kept in the warehouse.

In a desk, in the warehouse, there are pictures of Michael. To begin with, you think the pictures are recent surveillance that was carried out on Michael but some of the pictures are from when he was in Paris, with his father as a child. Other pictures are from when he was racing his mum around the park.

Rebecca leaves Dax a note telling him Michael was in the warehouse and leaves to check a location in one of the pictures. While standing on the bridge she is shot. She falls off the bridge and loses consciousness.

Will Rebecca and Giancarlo reconnect?
Will Rebecca and Giancarlo reconnect?

Why is the Missing Show Different?

I found that the Missing TV show is different from what I expected in a number of ways.

First of all, Rebecca really is a caring mother. She isn't cold and calculating like these CIA mums are normally portrayed. She loves her son and would do anything for him. She feels her job is to protect him.

Secondly, the plot isn't just your typical straight forward abduction story. There are many questions remaining to be answered such as why Michael has been kidnapped. Especially when you consider he doesn't know anything about his mother's CIA connections or history.

The kidnappers haven't asked for a ransom or anything. This is strange. Plus they clearly don't need the money if they have that amount of drugs available to them. So what is the motivation behind kidnapping Michael Winstone?

Also, the kidnappers appear to have anticipated Rebecca Winstone's response. They have already tried to kill her on a number of occasions and had Francesca set a trap for her.

On top of that, I also love the mystery surrounding some of the characters such as Giancarlo. He clearly had strong feelings for her in the past and she chose to stay with her husband and child.

The Missing characters are not one dimensional spies. They have lives and feelings. They have backstories which will take more than an episode to delve into.

I think the story will become more intriguing as the weeks go on. I even have a sneaking suspicision that this all has something to do with Paul Winstone. We didn't actually see him die. All we saw was the car blowing up. Could Paul Winstone still be alive?

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More Missing TV Show Theories

There are a number of theories surrounding why Michael Winstone has been kidnapped. Some of those theories revolve around the supposed death of Paul Winstone. Other theories are that Michael was kidnapped to bring Rebecca out of the shadows and return to the CIA. Perhaps it's even something to do with a previous mission his parents undertook or could it have something to do with Martin? Martin is also ex-CIA.

Either way, it does seem strange that the kidnappers would have pictures of Michael from his childhood trip to France, with his father. We can only guess that these pictures were taken by Paul, or a close family friend, as Michael was looking directly into the camera. How would they have obtained these personal family snaps?

As you can see, there is more intrigue and mystery in the Missing TV show than would initially be expected.

Missing TV Show Trailer

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Comments 26 comments

Mavis 4 years ago

I too watched out of more curiosity than expectation. I was pleasantly surprised. It had lots of intrigue and action, which is unusual for a TV show. I am almost afraid to say I liked it, because that is usually a kiss of death.

healthwriterbob profile image

healthwriterbob 4 years ago from United States

Hi Lauryallan,

I have followed "Missing" also, and I agree with you that Becca Winstone is portrayed as a very caring mother and not as a cold and calculating CIA agent. It was a particularly poignant scene in the last episode when Becca was down on the airport tarmac crying because she could not prevent Michael from being flown out of Paris by the kidnappers. While she is crying, the head of the CIA in Paris arrives with his associate, and the two of them stare at Becca in amazement. They find it hard to believe that someone who is so skilled as a CIA operative can show such overt emotion.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Yeah I completely agree with you healthwriterbob, but I guess the years have softened her.

Doug S 4 years ago

I just watched the second episode and am hugely disappointed. The first episode had promise but the writing on the second was like a junior high school project. Illogical plot points, bad dialogue and predictable that encouraged laughter.

For example the unexpected arrival of the Mary character who is finally convinced to go home by trusting an agent. Except she is kidnapped by the bad guys and almost killed in a ridiculous boat chase sequence. When she survives that she calmly agrees to go home by "trusting" another agent. Are you kidding me?

profile image

cattyg1 4 years ago

I was looking forward to the next episode of Missing. We get a repeat of last weeks episode. What a rip off!

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

I am confused?? Wasn't the 2nd episode about Harddrive and how he has info that proves the head of the French intelligence is corrupt?

Susan 4 years ago

Great show !!! Trying to figure out "why" they took Michael unless his dad is alive or they want to make him one of them?

Doug S 4 years ago

Well it gets from bad to worse. It seems they aired Ep1, then Ep3 as I just watched the Hard Drive episode which is Ep2. Brilliant job, networks.

I have decided to continue watching for a while. The photography is great and I do like Ashley Judd but the writing is unbelievably bad, even for American network TV.

I manage to have a few unintended chuckles, a few groans and a good laugh as I watch this show.

biggity 4 years ago

Keep an eye out for this coming episode (Ep. 4). In it a book written by Martin Newmann has a one-line review on the cover by none other than...Richard Castle!

JamezD 4 years ago

The actor playing the Dad is scheduled to appear in 4 episodes,apparently supporting the suspicion that he's still around...

And what serious actor would sign up for a series just to get bumped in the first minutes of the pilot...

Just sayin'...

Laylaalexandra 4 years ago

I just finished watching the one with the boat chase and your completely right. Im in high school and I found it stupid how that girl could trust another agent. I was totally surprised that the father came back into the picture even though I had suspected it but not exactly like that. I'm confused as to why he'd be kidnapping his own son though.

marc 4 years ago

The first episode I was hooked, by the second and third episode, boy did it take a tumble for the worse. Jus an awfully weak storyline. don't get me wrong though, I am still loving this show..

It is well acted, almost over acted but maybe its that I just can't feel anything for these characters.. even though its fast paced it just feels slightly boring.

And, it feels too predictable and I get a sense that not only is Paul alive, he's the one who took those pictures of Michael as they look to be heartfelt moments of a boy growing up without his father.. which leads me to one conclusion... Paul kindnapped his own son!

And i haven't even watched the most recent episode yet.. as i just read some of these comments and realized i was right!! Doh!!! LoL..

Marcia 4 years ago

We travel extensively and most of the places we know where is the castle Michael is being held in???

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Michael tried to figure it out with the sun but he believes it's not Russia but not far from there. That's all I really know.

I'm sure if he wasn't a kidnap victim it would be a nice holiday retreat.

Paula 4 years ago

I could not understand what the girl was saying about how she arrived at the castle. Can anyone fill me in

Another LOST 4 years ago

Perhaps it's a personal pet peeve, but this appears to be another program without an ending. She'll never find her son because that would be the end of the series. In essence, there'e never any closure. It's a wild goose chase without an ending.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Paula, I think that girl was saying that she was put there to control Michael. She's beautiful and nice. He's a decent guy that would never let a girl get hurt because of him. Remember the show have made it clear that Michael is not "one of those guys" and the kidnappers have been watching him. They know he's a decent guy and have played on that to control him.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Another LOST, I'm not so sure. I think the show has a lot of mystery to it. I think she will probably find her son at some point. I don't think it's just about 1 person gone missing. It's bigger than that. There's so much missing in the sense of Paul was missing. And there's lots of info missing from the story. I think even if she gets Michael back there will still be issues until they are able to resolve whatever it is that Paul has done.

Although Becca Winstone thinks Paul has her son, I'm not so sure. I can't understand why he would kidnap his son when he could have simply told him he was in danger. It makes me think Paul was working undercover as a double agent. He had to fake his death to find out what these rogue spies were up to. They finally found out that he's betrayed them and are using his son as collateral. It would explain why Paul wanted out all those years ago and Becca didn't listen. Maybe they threatened the safety of his family back then and did all of this to keep them safe.

1234567890-= 4 years ago

did michael get to see his mother.or did he die?

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

If I answer that then you kinda ruin the whole finale.

kathy bennett 4 years ago

I found this tv series very intriguing and fun to watch while keeping each week suspenseful. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL. ASHLEY JUDD IS A WONDERFUL ACTRESS AND THIS SERIES TO NOTCH!

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Sorry to say kathy but it looks this is cancelled. Wish I could help you because I really enjoy Missing too.

Sparkle 4 years ago


kathleen knisely 4 years ago

i love the show and i love ashley judd. i am terribly disappointed that will probably be cancelled

Jann Keni 4 years ago

I loved Missing and bought the DVD to share with my family. They love it too. I didn't know that it is being cancelled and I don't know why. There is the continuing story of the mother (Ashley Judd) being kidnapped. I'm anxious to see the rest of the story. Love, love, love it!!!!

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Yeah Jann I loved it too, but they decided not to continue it. I think it was expensive filming in all the locations around europe etc and they viewership just didn't justify the cost.

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