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Kalifornia (1993)

This is my first and only movie review. My wife and I rented this movie back before we were married. To this day I still call my wife "Adele" or "Mama" and she tells me, "You're mean Early". We still watch this movie when we get a chance, we have watched it more than any movie, except Ace Ventura.

This is the funniest dramatic movie you will ever see. It was not intended to be funny, but Brad Pitt portrays an idiot so well. Juliette Lewis can not be acting in this movie, there is no way possible someone can act that stupid and air - headed. When you watch this movie pay close attention to those two characters and their actions, you will laugh. If you have not watched this movie it is a must for anyone with a sense of humor. I copied the Plot below from Wikipedia because I didn't want to type all the words:

The movie is about a road trip that goes horribly wrong. Brian Kessler (Duchovny) is a journalist determined to make a book about serial killers, and also wants to move to California with his photographer girlfriend Carrie Laughlin (Forbes). They decide to do both at once, by driving to California and visiting infamous murder sites on the way. To subsidize the trip, they take on a pair of travelling companions - Southerner Early Grayce (Pitt) and his child-like girlfriend Adele Corners (Lewis).

While the two couples at first attempt to get over their obvious differences with each other, their trips to murder sites become progressively more eerie, particularly when it is revealed that one of the four is in fact a serial killer.


The murder sites are in fact related to the names of the actors in the film - Lewiston Ranch, Mt. Juliet, Texas; Forbes, Tennessee; Davidson Mine, Duke Cove, Nevada; and Bradbury Textile Warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The car is a 1960s Lincoln Continental, a rare 4 door convertible version, similar to the one in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated

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services4all profile image

services4all 4 years ago from U.S.

Really nice movie,thanks for the suggestion. I will also try to watch it.

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