Pooja Mishra hot pictures

Pooja Mishra sexy pic
Pooja Mishra sexy pic

 Pooja Mishra has been very successful as a VJ and a glamorous model. Pooja Mishra is not a successful Bollywood actress though even when she has all it takes to be at least an item song dancer like Rachna Maurya...hmmmm.... let me see....may be Rachna is a much better dancer than Pooja...nevertheless Pooja Mishra's hot pictures are proof for her talent and willingness to showcase her body to the public. Pooja Mishra is quite famous amongst the celebrity groups.  Pooja shot to fame with her pairing with "my mobile company" and then the recent show "Jab We Talk", a chat show on B4U channel.  Pooja solved many problems related to sensitive issue and romantic issues from callers from all over the country. Some men even proposed to her for marriage but she seemed to have refused. Pooja Mishra may one day star in a Bollywood film that is successful and who knows she may become the dream queen for millions of fans provided she finds the right director and producer to challenge her in a good role that allows her to show everything.

Pooja Mishra wallpapers

Pooja Mishra hq wallpaper
Pooja Mishra hq wallpaper
sexy Pooja Mishra
sexy Pooja Mishra

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Comments 35 comments

rekha joshi 5 years ago

you are looking beautiful full of life.get back to me sometime been trying to contact you since very long.all the best in life,takE care

amirgurung 5 years ago

hi pooja mishra i,am great fan of you i watching big boss i think your brave and strong lady and all the best and best wishes for you and i like your eyes like blue haven sea some time i think your winner please don be loose your are a strong i,am always be with you and don be sad always happy and happy my email id gurungamir82 any suggestion please write us your laways true friend

Bilal 5 years ago

Pooja misra,i m big fan of you and u r my fav. housemate of biggboss house.u r frank nd strong lady.u never afrid to anyone nd earlier whatever u done that's good but now u now u should be fav of everyone so that no one wiil nominate u nd u become a captain and i m prayering for this nd you deserve for grandfinale.i wish u win this season.i casted many votes to u when u nominated.best of luck pom.

aakash 5 years ago

maadarchod saali rand dhandhewali lagti hai sakal se bhi aur kapdo se bhi

Raj 5 years ago

I Like U Pooja Mishra .... :-)

SS 5 years ago

If this called sexy pics then I would rather not to see them again.

Reet 5 years ago

She s a phsycho. Needs a doc very badly

aks 5 years ago

shez a bloody bitch..... pathetic trash cane ..a complete mental case...need a good treatment..

once she said... jab main big boss se bahar jaungi..mujhe bhi to shaadi karni hai... saali ek baat bata..tujhse shaadi kaun karega...ugly duckly..

gun 5 years ago

i love you pooja mishra...u hav been a very strong contstant...n i hav been watching bigg boss everyday n i say tat u never fight for no reason..there is always a strong point behind u fighting wit someone....

u will win.....

vishal 5 years ago

1 trip ke 40000 dunga pooja darling

Aamir ali 5 years ago

your soo buty full

zeeshan ahmad 5 years ago

u r too good ,i just waana say that u will be the winner of big boss .and u r looking so sweet .

Rohan 5 years ago

Tu itni kamini kyun hai.. Mujhe to uspe taras aata hai jo tujhse shaadi karega. Tu strong nhi jhagrelu aur badtameej hai.

kzhaq 5 years ago

Pooja Missra, I hope you get to read this. I realize, you are pretty creative! All you need is anger management. Many ppl have such issues. But at least you are confident, quick witted, spontaneous, dress nicely and are really really creative!

(just work of communicating in a civil manner)

akash anugrah martin 5 years ago

she is agood girl

bicous sexy girl and verry hot

pooja 5 years ago

Tu itni kamini kyun hai.. Mujhe to uspe taras aata hai jo tujhse shaadi karega. tu kamini hi nahii bahoot badi kutiya bhi haii kabhi samne aa to thuje jutoo se maruu m.c . kutto ki taraha chilatii hai b.c . chudal ki tarah sakal hai treii ladki ka naam par tuu dhabba hai randii. thu hai thuj par

pushp raj 5 years ago

I have never seen more ugly shaped women.

With such a bad tounge and stupid mannerism You are disguisting and untolerable women

tody 5 years ago

muj se chudwa agar achhi lagi to shadi karunga

shazzzzzzz kaka 5 years ago

is ki chot ki garmi me nikal skta ho maa ki lori aja chod chod k tera bhot utaro randi maa ki lori chot ki bhot tere ko 20 rupe me b nahi chodo srf moo me dalonga tere randi

prankurtiwari 5 years ago

i love you pooja mishra...u hav been a very strong contstant...n i hav been watching bigg boss everyday n i say tat u never fight for no reason..there is always a strong point behind u fighting wit someone....

aditya 5 years ago

poja ji main apka bahut bada fain hoo main apki jab bhi photo dekhta hoon to main bathroom main jane ko majbooj plz help me . main kaise sudhroonga mere ghar wale kahtein hain ki main kamjor kyon ho raha hoon

jigar 5 years ago

bhosdini randi hai ye to es ko to chodne ka rate main 5000 per hour dunga.

imran 4 years ago

you r looking smart

sameer 4 years ago

saxy girli love you

mnis 4 years ago

smart you pooja

RAJESH 4 years ago


Pooja Misrra not Mishra 4 years ago

Visit my website poojamisrra dot net to know more about me, thanks all beautiful people who wrote nice things and to those using dirty language, your parents should be proud of you.

vikas mann 4 years ago

this wrong show their figure


vijay 4 years ago

she is so hot she is sexy kya lagti hai re kay item hai re 1 kiss dhere aur ekk time bina kabdhai so photos leeya aa tere andar ka bahut acha thoda clear se photo le hai

LAMBA LAND 4 years ago

Pooja mai tumhare sabhi ched ko chodana chahata hubecas u r a garam girl

Nisha 4 years ago

U r a big big kamini

Priti 4 years ago

Tu duniya ki sabse badi chudal hai nd tu kapde q pehenti hai re . kapde pehen kar kya sabit karna chahti hai besharam , kuttiya.

Priya 4 years ago

tu ladkiyo ke naam par dhabba hai. tu ladki ni tu toh dayan hai. Sudhar ja warna tujhse koi v shadi nahi karega. Tu kapde kaha se leti hai ? oops mai toh bhul gai thi, Tu toh kapde pehenti hi nahi hai.

sandeep mishra 4 years ago

love u pooja

toqeer 3 years ago

i love u poooja

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