Princess for Hire!!! Disney Birthday Spectacular!

Princess Traci Hines

So ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with Disney and the Magical Princesses that every little girl wishes they could be. I am the eldest of 4 girls in my house so I have held my fair share of Disney Princess Parties. There are always those companies that dress a girl up in Princess costume whether it be Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, or one of the newer favorites like Giselle from Enchanted. Whichever one your child or sibling likes I have to say I have found the very best impersonator. Its one girl named Traci Hines. If you type her name in on YouTube she has a huge following and she just joined a company called True Enchantment Entertainment with owner Lisa Fabio. Both constantly working hard at making each experience a magical and memorable one.

I first learned about her when she was still working for someone elses Princess Party company and she was their star performer of course which is why I am so happy for her for starting her work with a  company where she has more creative input. Not only does she look like many of the Disney characters but she sings just like them as well. So kids really believe they have the real thing!

Here is one of my favorites of her singing a song for Snow White

Snow White


About the Company

She has a great voice and as seen in the picture above she has people who come with her to the parties to help out in full costume and character that coordinates with the theme of your party. For Example..... Cinderella/Fairy Godmother, Ariel/Ursula, Sleeping Beauty/ Good Fairies......and so on. Many of these guest parts are played by her friend and owner Lisa Fabio, whom also is responsible for all the wonderful costuming. They also offer different versions of characters like the Little Mermaid with her fin and in her day dress as well as Sleeping Beauty in full gown or her forest dress. So you can have the perfect princess for your little girl.

She has been featured on websites and magazines such as the one below. The Company and Traci herself have facebook and myspace accounts. Unfortunately True Enchantment Entertainment is located only in California at the moment but I am hoping they will soon find people as talented as Traci to expand their company with.

I will leave the website at the bottom of this hub if anyone wants to check it out and if you have kids of your own or know of any little girls who would like nothing more then to have a Princess come to their party than i highly recommend her. I will post a few more of her youtube videos since I think her voice is her main selling point that pushes her past the competition out there.

As Princess Giselle from ENCHANTED

Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose Dress

Little Mermaid in her Day Dress


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Traci Hines 6 years ago

WOW thank you soooo much for writing this about me! This means so so much to me!!! I did want to clarify one important detail though, I do not own True Enchantment Entertainment-I am a founding member but I am only the Executive Princess, not the owner. Lisa Fabio owns TEE and I just want to make sure she receives all the credit she is due. Thanks again so much for the post! It means a lot to us!!!

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 6 years ago from Never Never Land Author

Silly Traci I already fixed it for ya! I sent ya a message yesterday :P All taken care of for you and Lisa

Traci Hines 6 years ago

LOL oops! >< Now I'm the one with the wrong infooo hahahaha! How do I delete the comment? Or can you do that?

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 6 years ago from Never Never Land Author

hmmmmm actually not quite sure how to delete a comment on here, I never had to, lol, owell, btw this is my most popular blog so far 66 hits in 1 day ur a vey popular girl Ms.Traci :P

Lisa Fabio 6 years ago

A fantastic review! Thank you so much for the kind words and all the love! we threw some back at you on our website! Thanks again and again!

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 6 years ago from Never Never Land Author

Thankyou so much Lisa, I really appreciate that! You are both great and im looking forward to writing more great blogs in the future as your company grows!

Farrah 6 years ago

She is Beautiful I wish we had her in New York.I cant fine anyone that does princess giselle.

Sabine 6 years ago

I love all the things you do, if you need some ideas you can mail me. Keep the fantasy alive. You are great :D. (

Maureen Abbeduto 5 years ago

I would like to hire you for my daughter's 1st birthday in January! Can you come to Chicago? You are so good! & you do look like The Disney Princess

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 5 years ago from Never Never Land Author

Sorry, only in the LA & San Diego area, I hope your lil princess has a great birthday though and hopefully you can find someone else to come to her birthday! Much and love and luck to you :)

sarah 5 years ago

Hi, I'm wondering if we can get you to come to my daughters bday, and wondering how much it would cost. Her bday party is February 4th in Antioch, CA. She's only 2 so there won't be many kids but she would love it, also wondering what you do when you come... Please call me @ (925)752-0899 or email me, Thank you so much for your time! =)

Stephanie 4 years ago

Would you fly to NYC on July 28 for a first BDAY party if so email is

Daisy Ramirez 4 years ago

where are u located?

can you do a party in dallas tx, march 24. please contact us at or

call me plz 469-955-6576

Lara Khalil 4 years ago


You are a very talented performer. I attended Music Theatre Performance at an accredited college and have ton dones of shows including playing Maria in "The Sound Of Music" Where are you located??? I am in Toronto, Canada. Please visit my website and tell me where you are cuz I will def refer to you if people message me in your area.


gia 4 years ago

Hi. I'm located in Chicago and I am giving my daughter a princess party in April. Are you available?

Clunda 4 years ago

I am located in Brooklyn and need a pricness character for my daughter on 3/31/2012. She turns 1

maggie 4 years ago

hi, where r u located??

Kelsey 4 years ago

Hi there! Who can I speak with about this absolutely amazing experience? I actually was "friends" with Ariel in Disney world Orlando fl for three years and would love to know how I can be a part of this wonderful princess family!!

My email is

Please email me soon!!!

Barbara Hood 4 years ago

I was wondering how you get around Disney copyrights. Are they o.k. with you operating for profit with their signature songs and costumes?

Jessy 4 years ago

Wow! You are great! Well done you're very similar to the disney princesses indead, i agree

Sarah 4 years ago

Do you have anyone in the uk doing this it's a great idea would love it for my daughters birthday id do it myself but cant find the costumes lol

TY 4 years ago

I am looking to hire a "princess" for my twin girls party. you can email me info at

Kelly Tussing 4 years ago Looking for 4 yo calif disney bday

teri thompson 4 years ago

Hey anyone that can help me that would be great. I am wondering how you book a princess party? where do I go and how do I find out the cost of this? My daughter will be three and is wanting a visit from princess belle. I am in deperate need of princess belle showing up at the party. thanks so much for anyone that can help me out. please send me a email to

yuki 4 years ago

where are you?

i am looking to hire a cinderella this coming 23th of september approximately 3 hours..,but we are in hongkong.

Do you have any idea or website that we can contact for in Hongkong.? Please email :

Please help



Waterman 4 years ago

Does this girl still work as a princess for hire? My email. thanks

michelle carroll 4 years ago

hi i need a princess to do charity event

Nada 4 years ago

Hello I need to hire a princess for my daughters 4th birthday this coming sunday nov 11 2012 plz helpppppp u can email me back at

Brittany 4 years ago

Hello I am trying to hire a princess for my daughters 5th birthday paty in Oklahoma City.Can you please email me at if possible?

Mel 4 years ago

I need a princess for my daughters birthday party in in ur area can u email me at

Dichell 4 years ago

I need a princess for one hour on March 22 please email me with price and details thanks talk to you soon

Christy 4 years ago

Looking for a Tinker Bell in the Illinois area about 35 miles east of St. Louis. Thanks

tameia 4 years ago

I wanted all of the princesses at my daughters first birthday party pleas email me the prices @ thanks a lot

Mallory McCormick 4 years ago

I would love a Cinderella at my daughters party on march tenth 2013 please e mail me at


Rachel Burkhardt 3 years ago

I need a to hire a princess for my nieces 5th birthday party on April 27,1013, please email me at

Cookie 3 years ago

INTERESTED Plz email me .. 4yr old birthday party end of June 2013

stephanie dorsey 3 years ago

Looking for a princess for my daughters 5th bday party sept 6th in barto pa.

Desiree 3 years ago

Would you come to Stockton ca please email me Thank you

Desiree 3 years ago

Would you come to Stockton ca please email me Thank you

Samantha E Buswell 3 years ago

Do you have Minnie mouse actress ? Looking for a two yr little girls birthday party in September located in Las Vegas please contact me Via email : samizeiam@gmail

katie 3 years ago

I'm in illinois any one out here that could do cinderella on 9-22?

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 3 years ago from Never Never Land Author

Hey Guys just an update for you, Traci Hines is still currently at so you have to go through the website to get her but they have many other men and women who do a variety of other characters! Enjoy!

Stephanie clough 3 years ago

Hi can I ask where u r based as my little girl missed out on her birthday last year due to hospital. In case same happens this year I'm looking for something that can move with us. So was thinking of a princess tea party. Do u do this kind of thing please get in touch

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 3 years ago from Never Never Land Author

They are based in California, mainly the LA and Orange County areas

cherae 3 years ago

I'm looking for a Repunzel Princess for my daughters 5th birthday on December 21. 7732207477 please call me if you can help. Thanks.

meagan 3 years ago

I need little mermaid at my niece 4th birthday party on Dec.1 email me at

Lis 3 years ago

I need a little mermaid for my niece 4th birthday party

Can you send me information al email

ella s. 3 years ago

hi how much is your fee im located here in las vegas pls send me a quote thank you im still canvassing and looking for a real pretty princess thanks.

Jennifer Eikenberry 3 years ago

I desperately need Ariel for my daughter's 4th birthday. March 2nd @ 2 pm.....please call me asap to let me know the fee and if she is available.....2172590599 3 years ago

I'm wondering is there is a Cinderella princess for hire on February 22 at 4pm for a couple of hours in lincoln NE? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks Daisy.

clunda 2 years ago

please call 917 832 4922 need Jasmine

hannah 2 years ago

Hi looking for snow white for my girl birthday party could u email me please

Charlene 2 years ago

Love your videos! I m looking for Ariel for a birthday party in June, would like to contact you for more information.


crystal 2 years ago

having a birthday party in Houston texas 8327905467

damineh 2 years ago

Hi I love your videos I was wondering if you are based in Tampa Fl I have a birthday party for my 5 years old and we love to have the Cindrella come over and have some funs with the kids

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