Prometheus: A Movie Review

Ridley Scott is back in the genre that made him a movie director icon. From his classic blockbusters like Blade Runner and Alien, Ridley Scott is no stranger when it comes to making films that are epic. Prometheus is Scott’s newest film bringing him back to the science fiction genre. The long awaited film has finally been released in theaters. Starring Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Guy Pearce led a cast of scientists and explorers who take a journey into deep outer space.


Taking place in the future, a group of human explorers traveling deep into outer space to discover and document alien life form and try to answer the number one question all humans want to know, “how did the human race begin?” When they stumble upon a distant planet, they discover that one of the planet’s moons has “earth like” features and decide to explore the newly discovered region. With this new found discovery, the team of scientists feels they might have the answer to the question of our very existence.

As they begin to explore this new Alien world, they get more then what they bargain for. After a space storm strands the team on this world, they begin to discover that this Alien race may not be the key to the human existence but the destruction of all mankind. As the plot unfolds, more mystery and horror begin to take place and it is a race against time to save the rest of the human race who have no clue that their world may soon be destroyed.


I have always been a huge Ridley Scott fan. I think that he makes films that are very memorable and entertaining. Some of his films I would say are epic. Prometheus however, seems to lack a deep story plot. Although the special effects are incredible and the suspense is there, this film raises too many questions for me. One thing I hate more than a crappy movie is a movie that leaves me thinking “what did I just see?” I was entertained somewhat, but I do feel that this movie is not near the great works the Ridley Scott has released in the past. And some said this was a prequel and some said it was not a prequel to the Alien series. If it was a prequel, I don’t see how. I was really excited to see this film, but very disappointed and let down. I would not suggest seeing it in theaters; this is a film you can wait for when it is released on DVD and Blu-ray.

I will say however the performances from the cast were very good. Michael Fassbender’s performance stuck out for me the most for me. He played his role very well. The other cast members did great as well. There was nothing short of bad acting by no means in this film, just a lack of story. I would rate this movie a two stars out of four stars. The special effects and suspense are enough to get two stars, but a lack of depth in the plot are enough to keep the movie at two stars. I feel however, that this film maybe a film to set up a far more exciting sequel that will answer all the questions that arose in this film.

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Bredavies profile image

Bredavies 4 years ago

Nice review. This movie was very far down on my favorites list. Must share.

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 4 years ago from Louisiana, USA Author

yeah, mine too. I was really hoping this would be his best film yet, but it wasnt even close. thanks for stopping by

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