Ringer: It's Gonna Ki11 Me But I'll Do it

Ringer: It's Gonna Ki11 Me But I'll Do It


It's Gonna Ki11 Me But I'll Do It

Sarah Michelle Gellar has done a terrific job on Ringer this season. She has managed to find her niche as star and producer of the show Ringer whihc is filled with suspense and intrigue at ever turn. And yet the writing and the plot do not over shawdow the excellent cast and thier performances. This can also be said of the emotional content. I still eblieve Ringer is one of the best shows out there this season.

The most interesting show will be when Bridget turns the tables on Siobhan.

Tonight's Preview


This weeks show is split between Siobhan in Paris and Bridget in the Hamptons. Many of the characters secrets are revealed this week and the suspense builds. Siobhan is up to espionage and Bridget is trying to repair Siobhan's life while still trying to maintain he sobriety.

Gemma discovers Siobhan slept with her husband and so Bridget confides in Gemma she is actually Bridget. And so the suspense builds as Gemma threatens to tell everyone.

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