So You Think You Can Dance? Season 3 Videos

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

And we're off! Produced by the same executives who created "American Idol" and "American Bandstand", season three of Fox's number one summer hit, "So You Think You Can Dance?" kicked off Wednesday night with the top 20 dancers being partnered into ten couples. Each couple performed one routine, each judge appeared slightly more drunk than last year, and host Cat Deeley is still as huge as a giraffe.

Despite shouts of nepotism -- this year's Lacey is the sister of last year's Benji, Faina is the sister of last year's Stanislav, Danny is Travis' adopted brother, and Lauren was choreographer Tyce Diorio's assistant for teaching one last season's routines -- the four contestants held their own, along with the other sixteen dancers.

In order to make it in this competition, you've got to have versatility and a great personality above all else. And, of course, a little talent never hurts. All the dancers have their specialty--ballroom, latin, swing, hip-hop, contemporary--but with only a week to learn each new routine, if they can't pick up a different style quick enough, they're not going to last.

A few of the contestants from season two, including Benji, Travis, Dmitry, Ivan, and Allison, were seated in the VIP section of the audience reserved for the choreographers, cheering on their successors. The contestant's families were also present, including Lacey's dad, who was out there supporting his offspring in full force, minus the electronic sign he wielded when Benji was performing.

"So You Think You Can Dance?" is on every Wednesday from 8:00pm-10:00pm EST, and every Thursday from 9:00pm-10:00pm EST. The two-hour show on Wednesday features the actual dances, whereas Thursday evening is the results show. After Wednesday's performance, Americans dial in to vote for their favorite couple. On Thursday, the bottom three couples each have to dance a solo in their own style. It is then up to the judges to decide who will be going home. Two dancers, one boy and one girl, will be eliminated each week.

If you didn't catch it on television, here are the videos of some of Wednesday night's dances.

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bing, dancing a contemporary routine choreographed by Mia Michaels

Sara VonGillern and Jesus Solorio, dancing a pop jazz or “vagabond cabaret” routine choreographed by Wade Robson, the guy Brittany Spears cheated on Justin Timb

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell, dancing a jive by Tony DeSilva

Jessi Peralta and Pasha Kovalev, dancing smooth waltz choreographed by Tony DeSilva

Jaimie Goodwin and Hokuto Konishi, dancing a hip-hop routine by Shane Sparks

Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval dancing a disco routine by Doriana Sanchez

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cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

Terrific dancing, this is a great show. Thanks for sharing the videos.

Crystal 9 years ago

I want to know the name of the song that lacey and camron danced to on there first performance. I think the they are the best couple on the show. Every one of ther performances are awesom.

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

The name of the song is "Dancing" and it is performed by Elisa :) It is an amazing song in it's entirety, you should definitely download it. I love them, too. I am VERY disturbed that they are going to be paired into different couples soon. I already know that Lacey is amazing, but once they're split it'll be a real test to Kameron's abilities. He's fantastic, don't get me wrong, but will he be able to have such good chemistry with anyone else?

disordermd 9 years ago

Sabra is awesome. Great page!

Hannah Grace 9 years ago

omgeeee i love lacey !!!!! and that song rocks my furry pink sox!!!!!

but NEIL is sooooooooo frickin hot!!!!!

i was soooooo lucy to be there when he took og his shirt and prefromed!!!

yep you herd me i was there !!!!





becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

Bronna -- Email me at I may have a solution, not sure, but possibly :)

kyal 9 years ago

hi i was wondering if u know what was the song that pasha and lacey danced to and there were wearing skeleton jackets and it waas on the final 4 last episode so if u know what it is email me...


becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

Hey Kyal -- Pasha and Lacey did do a hip-hop dance together where she was a mannequin, but if you're thinking of the one with the skeleton outfits, then that was Pasha and Lauren and the song was "Fuego" by Pitbull.

Here's a link to it on YouTube:

love 4 ever 9 years ago

Why men fall in love? why???

jess 9 years ago

hey i was wondering what are those 2 songs that they play for the two contesants that leave in those videos

keep the smile 9 years ago

I JUST LOVE SACHA he desearve to win!! realy he and Kameron. Bue spacially sacha he is just so hot and dances really really good he's already a professional for me so... I'm not american (Im morroccan so sorry for the spelling mistakes) But AMERICa please vote for him

1234 9 years ago

i watch that crunk routine by lil C, where do i find it?

cody 8 years ago

hey because i live i was wondering if you know where i can see lacey and pasha doing the mannequin dance?

sarah 8 years ago

i want to know the name of the song they use when they say goodbye to one of the dansers besides from the song "goodbye" there is another one please tell me if you know it

sarah 8 years ago

hi cody if you want to see lacey and pasha (mannequin) go to and search for "lacey and pasha" the first video

sarahmorocco 8 years ago

hi jess the two songs are "i will remember you" by ryan cabrera and "goodbye"

Cheap Music 8 years ago

Wow, great Videos and collection here. Thanks.

stacey 8 years ago

i live in england and have followed the programe since it started the show is on living tv here on a sunday night. Two weeks ago i went to set a reminder on the tv only to find it wasnt on and its not on this week either. Does anyone know whats going on. Has it been taken off the air? If anyone knows whats happened please let me know.

hope 8 years ago

i think that the first people are pretty good but they could do better

learn to guitar 8 years ago

really an amazing performance and dance. Very interesting.

meeee 8 years ago

what was the name of the dance that lacey was in and at the beginning they kinda looked like a spider and they were moing like robots?

karima 8 years ago

i am from morocco.i love u and i thank u 4 this show.i use to love sabra +nigel and i u bye

jj 8 years ago

who won the show. It was on late and missed it. The only one I missed.

david sahlstrom profile image

david sahlstrom 8 years ago from Sweden

What a great Hub about a awesome tv show! I really like Lacey and Camros dance and the song is very beautiful! Keep up the good work and if you have time pleas visit my How Hip Hop Dance Blog -

nytclubber 8 years ago

i love this series! they got really good dancers and excellent choreography too. i just wish they'd expand the type of music to a wider range. there are plenty of music that could be used for this series.

victoria 8 years ago

i really want to know what song is the one with the piano in the begining. im not sure who danced to it.

natalie  8 years ago

can u tell me whats the song for when they leave

Babiiboula 7 years ago

Hi everybody . is anyone can tell me who singing "goodbye" when sOmeone is eliminated .Thanks tO answer me

Vinicius 7 years ago

Hey, how can i see this videos, did i have to join this page??....please give me a sign..

sorry about my terrible english, i'm brazilian.

Sacha van Niekerk 6 years ago

Hi, i would really love to get the seasons on DVD. I have tried searching everywhere but cant find anything :( Any help would be great!! thank you.

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