Saddest Movies list

Saddest movies list

1. Terms of Endearment  (This is probably the SADDEST on my list. It's even sadder than Beaches, which is pretty damn sad!!!!)

2. Beaches (You don't need a tissue for this movie, you need a whole box of tissues!)

3. Stepmom (This is like the Terms of Endearment of the 90's...very sad. The scene where she's saying goodbye to her kids gets me everytime, in BOTH movies)

4. Titanic (The two old people holding each other as the ship goes down, the mother reading her kids a bedtime story...OH MY GOD. Oh, and all the people dying, that was sad too)

5. American Beauty (If you haven't seen this movie already, go rent it now!!! Everybody must see it)

6. Philadelphia (I can't watch this one very much, but god, it was sad)

7. Steel Magnolias (Another sad chick flick with Julia Roberts)

8. The Green Mile (An innocent man who has a choice of walking away from the death penalty, but he doesn't want to live anymore when people are so "ugly" to each other. OH MY GOD)

9. My Girl ("He can't see without his glasses!!")

10. Dead Poet's Society (Robert Sean's Leonard's

11. My Life (I just watched this for the first time a few months ago, and I cried so hard over this movie that I felt sick, literally sick. Do not see this movie if you are depressed. I am warning you.)

12. Pay It Forward (Very sad, and unexpected ending)

13. Kramer vs. Kramer (Had a happy ending, but it was a sad road to get there)

14. Forrest Gump (This movie is just perfect, in every way possible, but there are a few sad scenes)

15. When A Man Loves a Woman (Andy Garcia's goodbye speech to his kids....sooo real and sooo sad)

16. Swing Kids!!!! ("Swing heil!")

17. Cast Away!!! "Now I'm losing her all over again." : * (

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goody89 6 years ago

If you are a dog lover, or even not Marley & Me is the saddest Movie I have ever seen. Id almost recommed not watching it. I dont think I could see it again

AshleyNicole 6 years ago

Bicentennial Man is BY FAR the saddest movie I've seen. And Ghost. Ghost gets me everytime.

laurie 6 years ago

you've obviously never seen Grave of the Fireflies

runner305 6 years ago

How about the movie "Revenge", you CANNOT watch the end of that movie without crying

lacey 6 years ago

Omg "man in the moon" if you haven't watched this movie your crazy I've watched it a million times and I still cry everytime I see it.

kitty 6 years ago

the movie that made me cry the most was "my sister's keeper". cried all throughout the movie :( and "the blind side" had its sad moments

gimmy 6 years ago

I think shilo is the saddest mavie.

rooobbbbiiieee 6 years ago

pursuit to happyness,seddest scene,will smith iz offered the job at the end,not a word is spoken by smith ,just the tears in his eyes told the story

lexa 5 years ago

grave of the fireflies!!!

lexa 5 years ago

grave of the fireflies!!!

Els 5 years ago

dear frankie, was such a tearful experience but so moving :'(

Canada 5 years ago

The tree of life... So sad for many reasons

Gail scotland 4 years ago

Sadest movies for me is defo After the promise with Mark Harman man who's wife dies & is left to bring up 6 young kids heartbreaking film , The champ - young boy who's father is a drunk & he goes back into the boxin ring to get some money but is to old a drunk he loses the fight but his injurys r that serious he dies & the end is the sadest bit when his young son shakes him & ask the champ to wake up but he dead sobed for an hr after the film its that sad .. and Elvis and me is a true story written by prescilla Presley bout there life together it's bout 3hrs long & is one of the safest most brilliant films ever made that is true story it's a must watch ..

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dd4menoe 4 years ago

The saddest movie of all time is seven pounds. Will Smith commits suicide to give his heart to save the life of a girl. He gave a different gift to several people after the death of his wife in a car accident. I cried for 30 minutes. I can never watch this movie again. Too sad.

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