Sexy inviting pictures of Indian Actress Asin Thottumkal

Sexy Asin picture

Asin's curvy structure
Asin's curvy structure

Asin Thottumkal is one of leading south Indian movie actresses. In Kollywood, the most popular among heroines is undoubtedly the Malayalam beauty from Kerala Asin. Asin has currently shifted her focus on bollywood hindi films more than Tamil or Telugu films. Her recent Tamil movies were Vel, Dasavatharam and in Hindi Ghajini with Aamir Khan. Asin's career has skyrocketed in a short period of time. She acted in Tamil movie Ghajini when was not known very well by the masses. Ghajini movie was a turning point in Asin's career as she performed the role of a bubbly, sexy, human character in that movie. Asin has acted in a number of Tamil movies and has exposed her talent to the audience visual pleasure.

I have shared some of the best sexy inviting pictures of the talented and well endowed Asin Thottumkal for your viewing pleasure.

sexy actress Asin poster
sexy actress Asin poster
Sexy Picture of Asin Thottumkal
Sexy Picture of Asin Thottumkal

Most people just enjoy the sexy pictures of Asin in this hub.  Go ahead and have all the fun for the few seconds you stay on this page. Many of the people she has worked with - from actors to directors to lightboys have given many compliments and accolades on her performance and in born talent. Aamir Khan is all over her right now...whatever that means... Aamir being a perfectionist or so the world thinks makes use of this hype to impose rules and regulations to what she should speak about and who she should talk to of course regarding the movie Ghajini.

Director Hari also has nice things to say about Asin after her performance in the movie Vel that he directed. Hari says Asin is very sincere and has great acting skils in addition to the God given talent. Her physical assets are her major assets that she uses well. Her oral delivery of dialogues are liked by the masses.

Asin strongly believes getting these praises and accolades and awards from these senior artists is very important to her and to her acting career.

Asin is one of the few actresses who does her own dubbing duty. Her voice modulation in the Tamil movie Ghajini is well received by the crowd. Same thing with her performance in Tamil movie Dasavatharam.

I am not sure how it is going in the shooting spots of Hindi Ghajini. The movie will be released in Dec 2008 if all goes well. Not a lot of sexy inviting pictures of Asin Thottumkal are available yet from the Hindi Ghajini as it is tightly protected I guess.

Cute Asin's face

HQ pic of Asin
HQ pic of Asin
Asin's different mood
Asin's different mood

Here is a little bit of biography of Asin. Asin Thottumkal debuted in the Malayalam film Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka. This movie was released in 2001 and is directed by Sathyan. Later Asin played the role of a Tamil girl in the successful Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi which was a telugu film and was a big hit. Sexy pictures of Asin Tottumkal are very popular and audience and masses wanted see more of her in all possible angles and clothes and without.

Then came Tamil movie Ghajini with a big role for Asin. She has become famous from this movie and won the Filmfare Best Actress Award South for her role in Ghajini. Asin performed in Tamil movie Pokiri with Vijay where she overacted a lot and spoiled the movie. too much confidence I guess...over confidence is not a good thing...hmmm... who would think.

Asin promotes various produces for money including Fairever, Parachute, Colgate and Mirinda cool drink.

Sexy pictures of Asin

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What a sexy picture of AsinCute Asin face picAsin's body
What a sexy picture of Asin
What a sexy picture of Asin
Cute Asin face pic
Cute Asin face pic
Asin's body
Asin's body

Asin in Tamil films

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Asin in Tamil films picture 1 Asin in Tamil films picture 2Asin in Tamil films picture 3Asin in Tamil films picture 4
Asin in Tamil films picture 1
Asin in Tamil films picture 1
Asin in Tamil films picture 2
Asin in Tamil films picture 2
Asin in Tamil films picture 3
Asin in Tamil films picture 3
Asin in Tamil films picture 4
Asin in Tamil films picture 4

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shamim001 7 years ago

i love asin i like asin and i etc

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ur sexy as hell waz up with me and u

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u r very beautiful.............

saeed 7 years ago

i want to marry u.

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usauthor 7 years ago from USA Author

Saeed, Do you really want to marry Asin or just want to spend some "quality" time with her? :-)

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monisha trisha 7 years ago

i want more beautiful pics

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iwant asin p and muthuram

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the pictures are not hot!!!!!!!!!!

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kadichu valikanam

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i love you asin...

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super saaaathanam

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Ithink with my opinion that pics are not too much hot

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Kaksham superb

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i extreamely love love with u asin.i never ever

forgets uuuuuuuuuuu.

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east or west....she is the best...

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asin s cute

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Ur structure is very good

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the pictures are not very hot

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ohhhhhhhh who is the lucky guy use her body.

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Asin you are the most beautiful women that i had ever seen......MAY GOD BLESS YOU

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I am da lucky guy going 2 use her body.....

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she has a sexy lips.

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i love u asin

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don't make more hot

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Asin I like you & I love you. Do you love me ?

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Asin..! Unga kaaya amukkanum :-)

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sexyman 5 years ago

asin i love u. specially i love ur bottocks. ur lips super.ur nose tip gud.I love ur bottoks and ur bottocs shaking walk.

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I lv uuuuuuu,asin

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hot and gorgeous

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want to marry u

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ham tumse p?yar kartahoo

vinu 4 years ago

I wasn't your fan.I really liked your acting,but as a public figure,you weren't so attractive like other actresses....But,recently I saw some of your videos from the movies "houseful" and "Khiladi 786".You're just amazing in those films.You really have earned a sexy image through those movies.Now I am a huge fan of your's.And I can say that you are one of the finest and hottest actresses in the Indian film industry.As a fan I wish you good-luck,and eagerly waiting for your upcoming films and more glamour roles.


hemnath 3 years ago

nice molie asin

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I love my asin

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i love asin and magic sarap.. she beautiful awww.. i love it!!

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i love asin thottummkal she is very sexy

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