Some Funny Banter -- Abbott and Costello style

You know the Abbot and Costello's routine "Who's on First"?

It involves the name of the three baseball player ...

  • Who's on first base
  • What's on second
  • Idunno's on third

For a reminder, watch clip here.

Below are a few funny banters of similar style, perhaps even better and more realistic. I mean, who has ever heard of a person's name such as "Idunno", "What", and "Who"?

Where are you staying?

First person: Where are you staying?

Second person: At The Hotel

First person: Which hotel?

Second person: The Hotel

Explanation: "The Hotel" is the name of a hotel in Brussels, Belguim. Here is The Hotel's website. At the very top of the hotel are the words "The Hotel".

What are you reading?

First person: What are you reading?

Second person: This is a Book

First person: What book?

Second person: This is a Book by Demetri Martin

First person: But what is the title?

Second person: This is a Book by Demetri Martin

Explanation: The title of the book is "This is a Book by Demetri Martin". It is written by Demetri Martin who is a comedian. And the book is a humor book. Learn more about the comedy of Demetri Martin in this Hubpages article.

Where should we go eat?

Have you ever have the conversation, "Where should we go eat?" Sure you have. But have it ever gone like this...

First person: Where should we go eat?

Second person: A Cafe

First person: Which cafe?

Second person: A Cafe

Explanation: "A Cafe" is the name of a cafe in New York. It is true, because this is their website.


What town are we heading to?

First person: What town are we heading to?

Second person: Peculiar

First person: What's peculiar?

Second person: The town

Explanation: There is a town named Peculiar in Missouri.

What's your password?

First person: What's your password?

Second person: dunno

First person: You don't know your password?

Second person: I know my password

First person: Then what is your password?

Second person: dunno

Explanation: the password is "dunno" (Don't make this your password)

What movie are you watching?

First person: What movie is that you watching?

Second person: The NeverEnding Story

First person: What story?

Second person: The NeverEnding Story

Explanation: The NeverEnding Story is the 1984 Warner Bros movie starring Noah Hathaway.

What are you eating?

First person: What are you eating?

Second person: It's-It

First person: It's what?

Second person: It's-It

Explanation: It's-It is an ice cream treat consisting of vanilla ice cream between two large oatmeal cookies dipped in dark chocolate. It originated in 1928 in San Francisco. [reference]

Old Kellogg's Commercials

A series of Kellogg's commercial advertising their Nut and Honey Crunch cereal does similar routines. For example, here's one from 1988 and here's one from 1987.

Some More

Here are some more ...

  • Where did you get that sofa? The Furniture Warehouse (stores in California)
  • Where you going after work? A Bar (bar in Washington DC)
  • Where did you get that jean? The Store (a store in California)

First person: Please, no more.

Second person: Okay, no more then.

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