Songs For a Happy New Year

Ah -- The Lyrics Really Don't Make Sense!

New Year New Attitude

Christmas carols are done for the season and we've sung along to Auld Lang Syne (whatever THAT means!). New Year's Eve becomes New Year's Day becomes a new year.

If your year was anything like mine, you're relieved to see it end. Too much chaos. Too much stress. Too many demands from all sides. Not enough time spent doing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy. Not enough time to work on yourself.

Oh wait! Didn't we say the same thing about 2009, 2008 and 2007? And 2006, 2005, and every year since the millennium? Thought so!

What Will Make This Year Different?

I've heard it said that when we plan, God laughs. Reluctantly, I've come to believe it's so. Experience has taught me that the more I try to control things, the less they come out the way I want them to.

Really, the only thing we can control is our reaction to things, not the things themselves (and this goes double for people).

I've also found that any life experience -- happy, sad or in the middle -- goes better with music.

So this year I've decided to keep my year-ahead planning simple. I won't make any promises. If I do end up losing 20 lbs, learning Spanish, or making my first million on Hub Pages, it will be bonus.

My plan for making this year better than last is to go with the flow. I'll let the script write itself, as I have no idea what life has in store for me. Meanwhile, here's my suggested soundtrack for a fabulous and new year. It features infectiously uplifting songs by these talented artists:

Corinne Bailey Rae, Lenny Kravitz, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Deee Lite, Blood Sweat and Tears, Gloria Gaynor.

First, Put Your Records On

Be Ruled By Love

Don't Be Afraid to Cry, Cry, Cry Now

Add Deeee Lite to Life

Remember Life Has Its Ups and Downs

Be Strong -- You WILL Survive!

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Comments 17 comments

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

I can't listen to the music at work, but I like the words of wisdom.

gwendymom profile image

gwendymom 8 years ago from Oklahoma

Great hub with some great songs! I love Lenny Kravitz.

funnebone profile image

funnebone 8 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

Everytime I find love I cry...I wish l;ove would stop enjoying such expensive meals...

rockinjoe profile image

rockinjoe 8 years ago from Standing right behind you!

I can't help but enjoy your philosophy.

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA Author

Hi GT, Hope you get a chance to listen at home. Some of my fave tunes from different decades.

G-Mom -- I should have known. LK is Hawt, hawt, hawt!

Funnebone -- Enjoying expensive meals probably deserves its own soundtrack. Since I tend to eat at budget establishments, I can't help you there. But I do wish you luck with your love/crying issues.

RJ- It's impossible to be miserable when I'm dancing with myself:-)!

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 8 years ago from Australia

Hi MM I hate to see a lady dancing on her own, so may I please have this dance.

I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of bringing my own music, I hope it may cheer you up, it always helps me.

sixtyorso profile image

sixtyorso 8 years ago from South Africa

Mighty Mom, loved the Music but I detect a bitter sweet note to this hub.

I wish you a great 2009.

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

You pick such interesting music'' Heard some stuff I have never heard before! Very fun...all the way around.

Here's to all of us havin a much needed great New Year! How about some good stuff for a ca=hange. Great hup.


Pam Roberson profile image

Pam Roberson 8 years ago from Virginia

Here, here! Way to go MM! :) Crying does help to release so much, it's like flushing the garbage out. ;)

Cris A profile image

Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Hey MM, cool soundtrack! I likes! Specially Groove is in the Heart - i remember dancing to it in a school program! LOL Hell yeah! Let's just all take the plunge! Thanks for sharing :D

foxility profile image

foxility 8 years ago

Have a good 2009 everyone. Love all those songs

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA Author

Hi Everyone. Thanks for exposing yourselves to my musical taste (or lack thereof). Ag -- Dancing with Myself is actually one of my fave 80s songs. But I so appreciate the thought of dancing with you. I have always loved "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash. Jimmy Cliff (another MM fave) rocks with it, too. Hadn't heard of the jumpingjelliebeans but it's always good to learn of new talent.

Sixty, I guess I'm wearing my war wounds on my sleeve. Yeah. 2008 was yet another bittersweet year in my life. As I know 2009 will be (already off to a rather acrid start -- can only get better from here!!)

Christoph -- I'm so glad I could expand your musical horizons a little bit. That makes me happy!

Pam -- Ain't that the truth. I've been rather constipated in the tears dept. Haven't properly cried for my Dad who died 11/24. Went to the funeral of my best friend's father yesterday and bawled through the whole service. Feeling better now!

Chris A -- Isn't that song just irrepressibly fun to groove to? We're gonna groove to Horton Hears a Hoo. Gotta love that line!

Foxility -- It's always a treat to meet others who like the same tunes. Rock on, girlfriend. MM

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 8 years ago from Hermosa Beach

nice hub. I love the songs you've chosen and good luck

ajcor profile image

ajcor 8 years ago from NSW. Australia

Great hub MM - love the music and the idea that making NY resolutions rarely works out so "just go with flow " - got be better than trying to make yourself try and stick to something where the vagaries of humanity is involved! loved the first song - haven't heard this piece before - thanks and have a great New Year - hopefully 2009 is going to be a truly great year!

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA Author

Hello Midnightbliss. Nice to meet you and glad you like my songs!

Hey there, Ajcor -- been seeing you out and about recently. Nice to have you back in the HP conversations! Hope all's well with you. You totally get my point about resolutions. It's all about a positive attitude -- which for me means listening to uplifting songs! Oh, and of course reading, writing and commenting on lots of HUBS!!!

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

Here is to hoping the New year is the best, and listening to music always brings happy thoughts for sure, no matter how bad the situation.

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA Author

Thanks, SweetiePie. Maybe my next musical hub will feature some of the singers we talked about over in the Entertainment Forum:-)!

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