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I rarely get out to the movies as much as I use to. If a film looks really intriguing, I normally will make plans to check it out in theaters. The Town was one of those movie that looked like it would be a real entertaining movie. I heard nothing but good reviews on the film so I chose to go see it in theaters.

Though I am not the biggest Ben Affleck, I must say his performance in the film was very well done. Sometimes I forgot it was even him in the role he was playing. I also found out that he directed the film which surprised me, but also was done well. He brought back his famous Boston accent that made him a star from Good Will Hunting. Overall, Ben Affleck's performance was better than many of his previous films. The other main actor in the movie was Jeremy Renner. I must say I think he stole the movie. He was a tough and violent character. He perfected that role for this film. He too, did well with the Boston accent.

What I liked about the film was the heist scenes. They were not over the top and unbelievable. They seemed pretty real. They had a few good chase scenes in the movie as well. One of my favorite scenes from the movie was a heist that involved legendary Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. There is also a real good action scene that goes on there as well. The heist scenes were very clever and well thought out. Also the film had a few moments of humor which were placed perfectly in the film relieving you from the intensity, but only for a moment. The movie had a great cast. There really was not a bad performance in the movie.

What I did not like about the film was that there were a few slow parts that I felt was only put in to make the movie longer. After the movie opens up with a heist action scene, it's awhile until another action sequence. I also was not a big fan of the ending. I had my own idea on the ending that I thought could have been a bit better. Other than that, overall the movie was entertaining and was a great film.

After seeing this film and thinking about it I would most likely rate this movie a two and a half stars out of four stars. I think if they could have cut a few scenes out shorting the flow of the film, I think it would have made for a better movie. Also re-doing the ending would have made it a better movie as well. All in all I would say it is worth seeing at least once. A lot of reviews are reporting that it is a modern day Heat. Some of the action scenes kind of remind you of Heat, by I do not think the Town can even be compared to how epic Heat was.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

"Heat" was excellent. I haven't yet seen this film but I plan to. Thanks for a fine review.

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 5 years ago from Louisiana, USA Author

Yeah Heat was a great film. still one of the best heist films of all time. The Town is a great film hope you enjoy it. thanks for the feedback

films 5 years ago

Ben Affleck sure has come a long way from his days as Matt Damon's apparently goofy sidekick.

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