Top 10 Funniest South Park Episodes

What exactly are the TOP 10 South Park episodes? Many have been on a long and epic search to find this information. But good news, my friends. If you are on of these people, then your search is finally over. For I have created a list for you.

The top 10 funniest episodes are:

1. The imagination land series. This is actually 3 episodes, but the whole thing is definitely the funniest one out there. It makes fun of almost every cartoon you can imagine.

2. Night of the Living Homeless. In this episode, homeless people overtake southpark. It is up to the survivors to put a stop to it.

3. About Last Night. The Funniest political episode ever! I won't ruin it, but lets just say that Obama, McCain, and Sarah Palin are all in on a secret plan together...

4. Make Love, Not Warcraft. This episode is a must-see for world of warcraft fans. The boys become addicted Warcraft, and decide to defeat the top player for good.

5.Mystery of the Urinal Deuce. Someone takes a crap in a urinal, and Mr. Mackey hires the Hardy Boys to find out who did it...

6. Major Boobage. A new drug is sweeping southpark, which is sniffing cat urine. Kenny bcomes addicted to the drug, along with another certain dad...

7. Overlogging. The internet goes down all over the United States, and Stan's dad goes on a quest to use the internet to look at porn.

8. The Return of Chef. Chef leaves for the adventure club, and comes back as a new man. The boys have to go and discover what happened while he was gone.

9. Something Wall-Mart comes this way. Wall Mart comes to southpark, and it buys out all the other businesses. Not only does it take over South Park, but also people's souls.

10. Cartmans incredible gift. Cartman tries to jump off a roof with cardboard wings, and ends up in the hospital. But when he gets out, he discovers that he has psychic powers.

While all these episodes are very funny, you may have noticed that most of them are newer. The classics such as Starvin Marvin, Cat Orgy, and Timmy 2000 will be remembered forever by South Park fans.

Now that you have read this list, head over to this site and watch the full episodes for free!

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Ryan 7 years ago

Obliviously you haven't been watching South Park long because the new episodes aren't really that funny. Ones like Cartman Joins Nambla, Butter's Very Own Episode, Goobacks and Timmy 2000 are way better and didn't even make your list.

Afropuff01 profile image

Afropuff01 7 years ago Author

sure they are, but in my opinion the newer episodes are much funnier.

Cartman 7 years ago

I believe the general audience agrees with Ryan. There are only a few new episodes that can compete with the old ones.

cartman 7 years ago

not without my anus. terrence and phillip special is hilarious

jack 7 years ago

butters bottom bitch is a must see

Alex 7 years ago

What about Scott Tenorman must die??? Hahahahhahs I made u eat ur parents lol

Abishek 7 years ago

Ya well you havn't really been watching South Park very long. I think Ginger Kids, Casa Bonita, Awesome-O, Jennifer Lopez, Nambla and the LOTR episodes were brilliant.

nick 7 years ago

def the old ones are the funniest, starvin marvin, the mongolian episodes, cat orgy episode, hilarious

Ellen 7 years ago

Those are pretty good, but what about "Cartman sucks" and "The biggest douche in the universe"? And I totally love "Chef goes nanners". Well, I guess we're all different with different opinions (but still, my opinion is the right one) :D

PS. To all retarded people out there: I was NOT being serious. Everyone's opinion is worth listen to, peace on earth, little puppies yada yada yada :D DS

Joey 7 years ago

Ginger Kids is at least top 5

Skinny 6 years ago

I love Butters Bottom Bitch, When Cartman was the robot, Ginger kids and the Jennifer lopez episode the most.

rhartlandsberg 6 years ago

I gotta say, I'm not a die-hard fan but I haven't seen most of the ones on this list.

B-Bell 6 years ago

Love: Goobacks, Butter's Own Episode, How to Eat With Your Butt, Proper Condom Use, Summer Sucks, The Terrance and Phillip's Movie Trailer, Red Hot Catholic Love, Guitar Queer-O, Asspen... I could really keep going.

This is just my opinion but I feel Scott Tenorman Must Die is overrated. Great first couple of times through but gets too much credit. I also feel A Million Little Fibers gets a bad rep. Stupid? yes. But I find it hilarious.

jeremiah 6 years ago


butters very own episode

mr hat 6 years ago

what about miss teacher bangs a boy? that is the fuinniest shit of all time...NICE!

oly 6 years ago

this list is actually pretty good, i meen with the exeptional absence of 'Nambla' and 'utters own episode,'

but seriously where is 'Medicinal Fried chicken' its fucking halarious. xxx

skokiaan 6 years ago

i just watched the night of the living homeless and i must say that gingers and medicinal fried chicken was a lot funnier. in other words, i don't think that it should be on a top 10 list. [my opinion, of course. ;)]

Glimmer515 profile image

Glimmer515 6 years ago from Never Never Land

Imaginationland and Make Love Not War Craft are a couple of my favorites, but I have to say I like more of the old episodes better

Lolol 6 years ago

I find marjorine incredibly funny, probably because of the pet cemetery reference

Also, pandemic is good

Sinsmiddy 6 years ago

What about Casa Bonita? It's my fave. There r a few good new ones like "W.T.F" and "Make Love Not Warcraft". The best old one is the one with the creatures who want their antichrist. i think its in season 2 not sure.

yousuck 6 years ago

this is a really really shitty list and you got the name wrong on the walmart episode

Deathclock 6 years ago

Guys, one of the best is the first towlie episodes. When he plays funkytown I cried laughing so hard. Another is the super just friends do u kill a giant stone abe lincoln, ahh, hmm, a giant stone john wilks booth hahahahaha classic

Andrew 6 years ago

Goobacks is probably my favorite. The one about Wal-Mart is very underrated. If you want to go back to the very early ones, check out Ike's briss. Mr. Mackey goes on a drug binge, absolutely hilarious.

GF 6 years ago

Good times with weapons! LOL

mung 6 years ago

this list is terrible

Steve 6 years ago

This list just means this guy has never watched any of the older episodes otherwise he would be dumb enough to make a list with all mediocre (except four and five which would make top fifteen) and I've read some great episodes but what about korns groovy pirate ghost mystery?

"I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter r" "ra-r-road?" "that's right!"

"now I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter p" "I don't know johnathon, what?" "PA-PA-PA-PIRATE GHOST!!!"

Kriess 6 years ago

Pick any episode from Season 8 and you're gold. Mr Jefferson, Passion of the Jew, Goobacks, Walmart, AWESOME-O, Evil Woodland Critter Christmas, Cartman's Incredible Gift, and my personal favorite: Good Times with Weapons.

mike 6 years ago

my favories is the death of eric cartman

Hitler 6 years ago

Season 14 is the best.

Mantas from Headphones Review 5 years ago

I like the most "Make war, not Warcraft" episode, watched it like 3 times already.

TheArtist 5 years ago

ummm Tsst! is hilarious!!! i was literally laughing out loud. and Proper Condom Use was just brilliant

xxccxx101 5 years ago

In my opinion I think the new episodes are hilarious they are on Netflix and wow freaking funny like shit!!!! Especially the "its a jersey thing" one is hilarious

south park crazy 5 years ago

the funniest episodes are 1. mrs teacher bangs a boy 2. pandmic 1 & 2 3. tsst 4. T.M.I. 5. Make love not war craft 6. crack baby athletic association 7. scott tenromen must die 8. its a jersey thing 9. death of eric cartman 10. W.T.F, THE LIST IS NOT IN ORDER THESE ARE MY FAV EPISODES

Charles 5 years ago

My favorite is Le petite terett or what ever. That one had me tripin' balls!! Haha

Mike 4 years ago

Who can forget the Chicken F*****r episode!!! That's a classic! Best episode may have to be "Fightin' round the world", cant believe no one mentioned that one.

The Trusth 4 years ago

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce hands down funniest of all... Just listening to the principal repeat the question of why would anyone do such a thing is some funny sh*t

Anonymuz 3 years ago

Cartmanland is clearly the best

Captain Falcon 16 months ago

Classics: Awesome-o, Asspen, Medical FC, Lord of the rings, casa bonita, fatbutt pancake hand(Lopez), Towlie, north american marlon brando look alikes, scott tenorman is overrated but genius writing, mr jefferson, buter very own epsiode, cartmans gift, over logging, butters bottom bitch

Personal Gems: The red badge of gayness, two days before the day after tomorrow, million little fibers, royal pudding, trapped in the closet, 200, 201, miss teacher bangs boy, eek a penis, proper condom use, going native, lil crime stoppers, die hippie die, losing edge, pinewood derby, mc booger balls and thats only scratching the surface!

Imagination land and Coon episodes are great as well favorite seasons14 and 8

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