Top 10 Nicki Minaj 'Barbie World' Mixtape Quotes

Young Money - "Bed Rock"

Nicki Minaj - "The Cipher"

"F*ck The Bullsh*t"


Top 5 'Barbie World' Mixtape Quotes

  1. "He say Nicki don't stop, you the bestest
    And I just be comin' off the top; asbestos"
    - Young Money & Nicki Minaj featuring Lloyd

  2. "She Gets No Burn No Smoking Sign Yea Metaphor Heaven
    Cause They Approve Nicki Like My Credit Score 7"
    'The Cipher'
    - Nicki Minaj
  3. "Call me Dracula, cause all I do is count chips
    Ya money mini, I ain't talkin' bout the mouse trick"
    'The Cipher'
    - Nicki Minaj

  4. "Got em writin' love letters in the jour-e-nal (journal)
    Keep em on they toes like a midget at the urinal"
    'F*ck The Bullsh*t'
    - Nicki Minaj & Gudda Gudda featuring Birdman

  5. "You at the bottom of the pole; totem
    Like Lamar Odom, I ball; scrotum"
    - Young Money & Nicki Minaj

"F*ck You Silly"

"Up Out My Face"

"Take It Off"

"Streets Is Watchin"

Last 5 'Barbie World' Mixtape Quotes

  1. "These girls runnin' like I just threw the bouquet
    They know I'm headed to the top like a toupee"
    'The Cipher'
    - Nicki Minaj
  2. "Is that my que?
    I'm lookin' for some brain to boost my IQ"
    'F*ck You Silly'
    - Cassie featuring Nicki Minaj

  3. "Thumbs up like im hailin' a yellow cab
    My flow NUTS like M&Ms in a yellow bag"
    'Up Out My Face'
    - Mariah Carey featuring Nicki Minaj

  4. "I'm a indian giver, I want my quarter back"
    'Take It Off'
    - Lloyd featuring J Holiday & Nicki Minaj

  5. "I'm a bad wuh, bout to get a mani-ped
    I'm the big bad wolf in your granny bed"
    'Streets Is Watchin'
    - Young Money & Nicki Minaj

Hope you liked the list of lines I made. Let me know what you think in the comments and let me know if there were any lines that I might have missed. For more on Nicki Minaj and her best lines, you can check out Nicki Minaj Quotes and Nicki Minaj Lyrics.

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optimus grimlock profile image

optimus grimlock 6 years ago

the cipher was before the bet awards, nicki and black thought were great and the last line from budden was good. great hub

AdamCairn profile image

AdamCairn 6 years ago from UK

haha great hub

Drew Breezzy profile image

Drew Breezzy 6 years ago from somewhere in my mind

"You at the bottom of the pole; totem

Like Lamar Odom, I ball; scrotum"

'Finale' - Young Money & Nicki Minaj

dutch84 profile image

dutch84 6 years ago

I ball; scrotum! That's my fav line...

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC

i luv her, thanx

this is thee barbie bitch 6 years ago

i fancy nicki minaj:-) love you babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KIAH 6 years ago


teaya 6 years ago

much love nicki you tha baddest

Paula a.k.a m!ss J 5 years ago

N!cki is da b3st.period...luv it when she calls us her u n!cki

Paula a.k.a m!ss J 5 years ago

N!cki is da b3st.period...luv it when she calls us her u n!cki

Vansgucci 5 years ago

U killin it nikki,,superb

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