Warning: Read this Before you Use Copyrighted Music

If you use copyrighted song, you pay

Using Copyrighted Music can get you into trouble!

Before you use any copyrighted songs for your wedding montages or video on Internet, think again. It can get you into lawsuit. You won't want to mess with the lawyers.

Copyright owners of commercial music, namely lyricists, composers, producers, and songwriters - are hunting down infringements.

These owners are represented by RIPS, MPS and COMPASS.  What's that? They are the Recording Industry Performance  Singapore (RIPS), Music Publishers Singapore (MPS), and the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS).

RIPS administrate a licensing scheme on behalf of 14 record companies. If you use their copyright works, you have to pay for it or face criminal or civil action.

How much do you have to pay?

If you are wedding videographer or photographers, you have to pay SG$2,000 for unlimited use of copyrighted work for a year.

Forget about getting into trouble with MPS, COMPASS or RIPS over the use of copyrighted music. Forget about paying hundreds for a song, or thousands for the license!

There is  a better and cheaper way. Use royalty-free music and these available for less than $20. 

Take a look at http://bit.ly/ac8XEH

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