What happens if we listen to MUSIC regularly?

I grew up in an era where popular music was going through big changes.  As a child, I listened to the music my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles listened to.  As I grew older, I was influenced by music my brothers, sister, friends, and other important people in my life enjoyed. Between church, choir, band, school, radio, television, and the different types of popular music that spanned my lifetime, I was subjected to a wide variety of music. I learned to enjoy many kinds of music and I listened them often.

Music defines us.  It can give away our age, likes, dislikes, feelings, and ideas if we let it.  It can sway our moods and highlight our good and bad times.  That song that was playing when you first fell in love will replay in your memory forever, and the one that you heard at the worst time of your life can bring you down years later.  Music becomes a part of us, and it influences us and a positive or a negative way.  If a song comes on the radio that I like, I may crank up the volume, sing along, and sway to the beat. If a song I hate comes on, I turn it off, plug my ears, or leave the area.

Listening to music we enjoy can contribute to good health. It reduces stress, soothes us, and affects areas of the brain that regulate functions necessary for good health. Music that brings back positive memories and images slows heart rates, respiration, and lowers blood pressure.  Soft music at bedtime can help you fall asleep.  Pain can be reduced by listening to music that makes you want to dance and sing along.

Music can bring people together, make them more active, calm and soothe, and improve the mood.  Listening to music can add to an event or become an event in itself. Listening to music makes people happy.

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sophieqd 7 years ago

What happens if we listen to MUSIC regularly_

Great information. I'll have to put some of your suggestions into practice.

dans 7 years ago

This is great thanks

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