Where Has Trish Stratus Been - Possible WWE Return?

Where Is Trish Stratus Now?

Trish Stratus recently appeared on The Pain Clinic Radio Show and discussed a number of things. Below are the highlights:

One of the things we learn from this interview is that Trish talks about how she recently took over a imposter's myspace with the help of Myspace Canada. She now is very active on it. So if you want to talk to trish hury up before everyone else finds out!

Trish also hints a bit about a wwe return in this artilce.

You can read more about this exciting interview here

Trish Stratus photos

Beautiful Trish Stratus the latest pictures
Beautiful Trish Stratus the latest pictures
wwe trish stratus return
wwe trish stratus return
wwe diva trish stratus where is she now
wwe diva trish stratus where is she now
WWE Trish Stratus photos
WWE Trish Stratus photos

Trish Stratus returning to wwe?

Do you think Trish will make a WWE wrestling return

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Comments 15 comments

haley mcintire 7 years ago

i think u r the best wrestler in the world

jenifer 7 years ago

plz come back :'(

wwe is no action without u

we need some stratusphere

alex 6 years ago

i love u trish i loved whan u beat lita

shaimon 6 years ago

hey trish u will be back

Eddy42 6 years ago

Trish go to TNA were Jeff harty is

Connie Lyons 6 years ago

I love Trish, seven time womens champ. She's beautiful and I would love to see her come back to WWE. Especially to kick Maryse in the ass. Trish has always been my favorite wrestler and the fact I was lucky enough to get an autographed photo from her. I LOVE YOU TRISH!

Connie Lyons 6 years ago

Trish ur the best. I saved all ur WWE comebacks. I miss u, I support you in everything u do. UR number one fan. Connie Lyons!

srinivas 6 years ago

hi trish please come back iam missing ur entrance theme and ur finishing move the chick kick please come back

Connie Lyons 6 years ago

Wanted to say goodluck in ur yoga business Trish. Ur number one fan.

kavita 5 years ago

hi trish I m ur big fan I miss u Please comeback

Connie 5 years ago

Saw Trish on Wrestlemania 27. She looked smoking hottt. She will always be my favorite former WWE wrestler. Ur number one fan. Love u Trish. Saw u on WWE when the show was live in Ontario,Canada just bout month ago talking to Edge. She just lights up my life.

Mickie 5 years ago

I love Trish

mayen 4 years ago

i love you

edy 4 years ago

esta rica rica esa mujer es mi apreciada TRISH STRATUS

gabby 4 years ago

I love Trish hopefully she comes at wrestlemania 28

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