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What should journalists, news organisations, and viewers do when false stories are told?

What action should journalists and the outlets that employ them take when journalists tell incorrect or faulty stories? Like in the recent case of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who falsely recounted a story about reporting from Iraq in 2003. How should institutions and journalists react when this kind of thing occurs? Let's avoid deciding BW's future for him in our discussion.

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Best Answer Rod Marsden says

2 years ago
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    James Packard (JPac1) 2 years ago

    The time constraints on stories are a problem, often making it very hard to tell a story. But viewers simply won't stay interested in a story if it goes on longer than a couple minutes. Unless, of course, we're talking documentary reporting.

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Dreamlin says

2 years ago
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Robert the Bruce says

2 years ago
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    Rod Marsden 2 years ago

    Ah! Playing devil's advocate. Stories that are not well researched are actually the norm.

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