Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman...The Khan Brigade

Hindi movie's 3 famous icons :

The latest Hindi movie released, " 3 Idiots" has not only become a box office hit but also brought fame to Aamir Khan. Now the so called Badshah Khan, Shahrukh will surely feel the heat. And Salman Khan at the other end might have become sleepless hearing the big news.

Shahrukh, after his left shoulder surgery has not made something noteworthy in the movies, recently. Where as Amir had already strengthened by his movies like Taare Zameen Par and Ghajini. Both these brought him great reputation in the Bollywood arena.

Big hit that has brought fame to Aamir

The Raj Kumar Hirani directed movie, 3 Idiots has already grossed Rs. 240 Crores. So, it became the most successful movie in the history of Bollywood. This movie has beaten the records of the previous movie Ghajini which was also starred by Aamir. Ghajini had already made him a numero uno actor in the Hindi film industry.

Aamir's brand value can be well estimated from the fact that he has shown a great deal of maturity in this movie with his strange disappearing act. 3 Idiots had the widest release for a Bollywood movie. It had released simultaneously in 40 countries.

The Aamir Khan's movies have managed to win over the west. An unconquered territory so far held strongly by Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. The success of 3 Idiots' success opens a new chapter in the clash of the Titans.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

Amir vs Shahrukh, clash of the Titans :

The cold vibes between Aamir and SRK has been witnessed by people many a times and both kept on cracking comments and jokes at each other whenever they got a chance.

King Khan Shahrukh for years has been facing the threat from this Aamir, so called 'Perfectionist Khan.' He had never faced such a stiff competiton in his career time from any of the actors in Bollywood. But now he feels the heat because of Aamir's great hits. Now Shahrukh is waiting anxiuosly to see his new movie release My Name Is Khan. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was of course going great guns until the release of Aamir's Ghajini. But the release of Ghajini wiped off all the romantic mood that was created around by Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

What next ?

Whatever it may be then, but currently, Amir Khan's pallada is bhari ( his side of balance has become heavier) because of the super hit movies given by him. Shahrukh Khan has to strive hard to maintain the top position in the Hindi film industry with some special acting and unique movies.

At the other end, the muscle man Salman Khan has seen his career having lots of crest and troughs. He is the favourite and a great god to his cheering fans. Also, when it comes to fan following he might well beat both the other two Khans, Shahrukh and Aamir. After seeing a great deal of ups and downs, recently Salman Khan is all geared up for his new movie Veer. This high budget period drama might be a 'do or die' movie for the Bollywood icon.

He has become a part of charity events and also distributed autographed audio CDs to promote the movie Veer. He is struggling hard to get to the top. Katrina will be another asset to show case her greatness in this particular movie. People might be in the feel of a double role performed by Katrina here. Because Katrina's look alike Zarine Khan makes her debut in this movie. Salman himself did some stunts for this movie.

Let's wait and see how the new movies will work for both these Khans.


Amir khan's movies for u :

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radhikamaji profile image

radhikamaji 7 years ago

Don't know what's happened to King khan...he must give some hits now! this is a fine topic....i liked.

anuj 7 years ago

there is no comparison btw amir and srk coz if we talk about acting then shahrukh is not even near amir because amir khan puts himself in the character no matter what chafracter he plays now let me give you one example in main hoo na srk played a sipahi with long hair role now that is not a versality because fauji people dont keep long hair - and in the climax how can anyone chase a van with fucking rikshaw i think he was trying to become keanu reeves from matrix, he just knows one thing how to dance a sing around trees with girls in movies because thats what he has been doing for years, he needs some change now - he should do some different roles and on the other hand amir khan according to character chnages his hairstyles in almost evey movie. HE IS THE BEST "AMIR KHAN"..amir khan does not attend award functions therefore award automatically goes to srk's way and even akshay said in his interview that he was asked by filmfair to perform in the filmfairshow and they will give him award...and naseerudin shah said that bollywood awardss are joke only amir is the person who has been to OSCARS.......AND HE WILL AGAIN...1. 1947 The Earth was selected for OSCARS...2. Laggan was selected for OSCARS...3. Rang De Basanti was selected for OSCARS...4. Taare Zameen Par was selected for OSCARS...What else i can say for this....

anuj 7 years ago

i think aamir khan is the best in bollywood today, i do not know where to start and how to start because he is a versatile actor, see his performance in his movies, i dot not hate shahrukh but only thing which makes me uncomfortable every time when i see his movies that he just does love stories he needs some change now, he loves to sing a song with his heroin around the trees well come on yaar, he was good in darr and pardes and devdas because he did some different roles in those movies, right now he is 44 and he is getting old if he does not do different roles now it would not be possible for him to do the same love stories 4 years from now and then he would not be able to do chalanging roles and i realy like one thing about aamir that he changes himself according to the character, see his hairstayle which is diferent in every movie since sarfrosh and on other hand shahruch in main hoon na he played a major or sipahi role and he did not even cut his hair for that and on top of that he was trying to become keanu reaves from matrix in the climax of that movie well cut the crap yaar how can anyone chase a van with the bloody rikshaw, it should not be like this, being an actor you should be ready for everything for evey change, aamir and shahruch they both have the same sirnamem, same khan sirname wont make you good actor MR. KING KHAN {HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA}

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 7 years ago from India Author

Every person has ups and downs in their life. It's not only about SRK or Amir, but all of us. Amir's time has come now to prove himself as one of the tops in BOllywood.

crisis profile image

crisis 7 years ago from Banglore,INDIA

Aamir is great actor when compared to SRK coz SRK undoubtly cant do the characters which aamir had done

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 7 years ago from India Author

Of course! healty competition between the two can create wonders in the bollywood arena.

marjandiba 7 years ago


profile image

syaqoob 6 years ago

SRK is the best... Aamir is a great actor but SRK not just a great actor... a great entertainer.. a great charmer... a great personality... a great influence... I could go on with the list and awards that he has received and hits he has produced over the last twenty years. Aamir is doing well and will do well but no matter what SRK will always be the KING caz hez the best!

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

syaqoob...thanks for your comment on the Khan trio. Healthy competition between the top actors is always welcome. We need good movies, that's all.

chu chu 6 years ago

no doubt srk is too good......aamir is almost a legend but there's is no denying that salman khan khan is the best and the realest of all, i think he's the man, he isnt doing so well at the moment but he can trully act and that too like a real man......in every movie srk weeps like a little baby and that too same emotions and the same crying style.....i think he is insecure for real it shows in his films, sallu is the rocking khan of bllywood...real talk

avik 6 years ago

salman is the best

Amrendra 6 years ago

Aamir khan is the closest competitor of srk, but still srk holds an upper hand coz he Aamir khan acts well but its mainly the script of the movie that rocks (e.g TZP, Ghajini, 3 Idiots) whereas Srk is unfortunate as far as choosing scripts is concerned but still he makes those mediocre movies blockbusters..!!!

And besides Srk is a gr8 host, anchor, husband and indivisual as well (proof he doesn't gets into any controversies at all)

Deepak 5 years ago

I want to say only one thing that srk is great & no one can compite with srk bcoz he is king of bollywood.

pratik 5 years ago

we love u srk.....

Jitendra 5 years ago

Just look at the aamir's past n compare him with srk their is a great difference between srk n aamir,srk is much better than aamir

Gaurav 5 years ago

No amir,no salman. Srk is the best actor of bollywood.

Gaurav 5 years ago

srk in better than amir as well as salman

king khan 4 years ago

srk is the best better than the rest 18 all time blockbusters compare to saluu 8 blockbusters and 2 all time

Rahmat khan 4 years ago

People can write any kinds of comments but that will never effect salman the way he is going and sharukh khan is no where near Salman khan...

King dey 4 years ago

Srk is the best for don 2

Anindya. 4 years ago

Now a days aamir khan is d best as far as boxoffice and art is concernd.aamir is genious while the rests are stereotypes.

govind 4 years ago

i think with good script everybody can make movie hit bt hero iz that who make film hit even with weak script so shahrukh is a great actor

irfan khan 4 years ago

salman khan does not need any kind of script as he do films to entertain the public.but srk choose 1 film after reading 10 to 15 scripts.srk works as a bussinesman to films but salman do films for fraiend ship he so help full for his fraiends . being human of salman has made him the real hero peoples.he is the peoples champion

Aziz Ahmed 4 years ago

I want to say amir and salman,akki,ajay,sanju that king is always king and the king is SRK.Becoz only srk gives back to back blockbuster since 18 years.(srk akela hi tum sab par vari hai. Usshe dur rehna.)

Jai 4 years ago

Jab uska film dekhta hoon to me sapno me kho jata hoon.amir ka film..no no no,salman ka film bakwas,but dabang was good.to kiska film dekhke me sapno me ko jata hoon.Yes he is SRK. woh hai to bollywood hai aur uske baad big b.

Naveen 4 years ago

Salman kham is best nd he 'll b bst 4evr

Mohd Irfan 4 years ago

Actually those all r acters nd srk knows better acting than others.he is only one who beats big b in acting.u can watch his acting in any movie.

Shakti singh 4 years ago

Jab mai us hero ka film dekhta hu to mai sapno me kho jata hu aisa lagta he us hero se kab milo.to wo kun he mai batatb hu wo he sharukh no he is goat.wo he mere sapno ka hero salman khan because he is one of the best hero of indian cinema.sabse phle salman ne hi hollbood film ki thi.aur maine pyar kiya hi sabse phle all over the world release hui thi.sharukh to local hero he.

vandana 4 years ago

Aamir is 'god of indian cinema' none of the other khan can match with his brilliant acting skill. His absence in award functions makes the other khans get awards. Srk should only be compared with salman and akshay while aamir should be compared with great actors like dilip kumar and amitabh.

santosh dutraj nepal 4 years ago

srk is king in bollywood no mone can make him stop..

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