Find out how to become a female or male model.

Tips on becoming a model

There are so many people in the world who want to become a male or female model and unfortunately there are alot of people who do not want to help these model wannabes but they want to get money from them. So here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind for yourself or for someone you know who wants to be a model. The first thing I want to address are websites who say they cater to models and help them get work. Most websites like these have you sign up for a free account and than you usually pay for booking fees. Now the booking fees usually are what the websites charge you when you want to see where auditions are. You can find these auditions on your own and you should not have to pay for these. Go look at this website www.toospoiled.comand you will see what I am talking about. Many websites have the same concept as this one and the websites make money off of ads that are placed on their site. Also they might say that they have talent scouts but in reality they are not talent scouts, they are sales people because when you pay for the booking fees the so called talent scouts get paid something off that. I am not sure how other sites work as far as talent scouting but I know that is how toospoiled works. So the first tip is to try to avoid websites that charge you for bookings that you could have found on your own.

Now a talent scout is someone who scouts you out and they usually work for an agency so again just to remind you if a talent scout trys to have you sign up for a website like the one that is listed above than your best bet is to stay away because you can find the casting calls on your own and you will not be charged for auditioning. Another good tip is to use common sense, why should you pay someone to find you work before you work? Do not pay anything upfront no matter what is told to you. Even if it sounds so good and real trust me when I say this, if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is.

The second tip is to never spend alot of money on a portfolio because again you can usually find photographers at the local college and they need to build their portfolios and they will probably do it for free and the experience. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are a woman and you are under five foot eight chances are you will not be able to do runway shows but you can probably do other modeling gigs such as fitness and print work such as commercials. For male models the basics are usually 6 ft and up for run way but again they can do print work and fitness ads as well. Tip three is finding a good agent or agency. Some of the top agencies to try and go through are elite, ford models, clik models. Any agent who wants money from you upfront you should try to stay away from and keep your wallet out of sight. Another trend is modeling schools, they will have you pay money and take classes on modeling and acting and teach you how to pose and walk. One of the most popular schools is John Casablanca and I would only recommend going to modeling school for experience and I would not expect to get work after completing modeling school. You might get some gigs here and there but your chances of making it big with the modeling school are slim.

Another good thing to do is to know what modeling is and all about. This means go get some books or magazines or anything and learn about modeling and fashion and learn about fashion designers and their products. If you are serious about modeling than knowing what you want to work with is a good thing. Do not be afraid to contact modeling agencies, usually they will have you send in pictures or have you come in for an interview. Just be yourself and be confident, if you are confident it will show in the interview and that is what they want to see, after all you are going to be selling whatever you are modeling and if you do not have the confidence than your chances are slim to none of making it.

Going back to paragraph two, for women models you usually have to be five eight and up to do runway shows and some fashion but if you get in shape you can do fitness ads and usually there are no height requirements at all. Another good place to start is doing promtotinal ads, for example maybe for budlight where they will have you go to a place and promote the product. You might not want to do it but at least you are adding something to your porfolio. You should take any kind of modeling job you can get because you never know what kind of stuff you will be modeling. For male models it is the same thing, do promotinal work if you can and build your portfolio.

So basically the best thing for someone to do is to do it on your own. Build your own portfolio, network, do not SPEND alot of money, and use common sense if something seems to good to be true than it probably is.

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basspro profile image

basspro 9 years ago

thanks for the information I have a kid that wants to be a model.

ademola ababajide odnuuyi 9 years ago

mail me then we will chat

ademola ababajide odnuuyi 9 years ago

mail me then we will chat

manisha 8 years ago

i wanted to be a model.i m a student of 11th standard it,s possible now?

manisha 8 years ago

i wanted to be a model.i m a student of 11th standard it,s possible now?

aurelien 7 years ago

thanks alot

Misty Gentil 7 years ago

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rasel 7 years ago

i am a student,i want to became a model

Mj 7 years ago

I'm gay.

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