Coping with Expected and Unexpected Events at Home

Life is full of challenges. But problems should not depress us. Instead, they should teach us lessons that make us become better and stronger persons. The following are some of the common problems that we have to deal with:

•    Sickness - When a member of the family gets sick, every member of the family

should show concern. Place the patient in a clean, pleasant, comfortably warm and well ventilated room. Take care of the patient, give him the proper medication and make him feel the love he needs for quick recovery.

•     Unemployment - When the bread winner of the family gets sick, retires or loses his job, all members of the family are affected, the supply for the needs of the family is lost. As one family, they should unite and put their efforts together to find other means of living.

•    Death in the family - Losing a loved one is not the end of the world. One should not allow one's self to be driven to the depths of melancholy.

•    Parents' separation - The abandoned spouse (and children) mourn alone by them­selves and are troubled by feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. This is where they will need some counselling to prop them up and get them to move again on new pathways of life.

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gomawo 5 years ago

how about when you cope up with unexpected guest?

saine 4 years ago

the important is to be respectful and honest to each other

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