Health Care of Mother and Child

Preparation for motherhood begins with the knowledge of how important health care is for mother and child. For a healthy pregnancy, an expectant mother should observe the following:

1. Nutrition - A pregnant woman should adjust her diet to ensure that the nutri­tional requirements of both mother and baby are met.

2. Personal Care - Normal hygiene should be practiced but douching or a bidet should be avoided. The breasts should be washed normally, dried carefully, and mas­saged with a little cream. This will help later if breast-feeding is carried out. Cloth­ing should be comfortable and reasonably loose. Brassieres should support the breasts properly. It is wise to wear flat heels rather than high heels.

3. Exercise - Exercise in pregnancy will tone up the muscles and make the mother feel better. However, too much exercise can be harmful because it may dislodge the baby, and no new strenuous activities should be started. Walking and swim ming are excellent exercises during pregnancy.

4. Smoking and Drinking - Cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol have proven ad­verse effects on a developing baby.

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Clara Ghomes 7 years ago

nice hub lady. I think you had hared your personal experience. You had given gods tips that are beneficial. Good keep it up.

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leefrancesemery 7 years ago Author


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