My son's wants and needs

My 14 year old son admitted he wanted to be an artist. He said when he goes to college he wants to be in fashion design. At first I thought that the economy is really bad and that there will be a tough time for him to look for a job in the future.

I support his talent don't get me wrong. He can draw and create images that a simply interesting. I don't have the heart to tell him that it is not easy to be a well known designer. What can a mother do?

So in order to start supporting his talent, me and my husband decided to put up a t-shirt business. We ask our son to design the graphics to be printed in them. He was really excited. Imagine now he is in business. It is just a simple way of getting around life.

I know it will never be an easy road, but hey how can I be a mother if I don't try right?


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