Quinny: The Ultimate Stroller Travel System

Quinny Buzz

The basic stroller, shown in the Juice (orange/red) color.
The basic stroller, shown in the Juice (orange/red) color.

You get what you pay for

When Freddie and I found out that we were expecting our third child, we began to consider all of the things we were going to need to buy for her. There is nearly a 4 year gap between Gavin and baby June, and as a result, we had gotten rid of pretty much all of our baby gear. So, we had to start looking at the necessities of what we were going to need to buy.

Early on, we decided that we wouldn't need to look into buying a stroller for a while, since we were planning on using a sling to transport her in for the first few months. But then we started making plans for our summer vacation, and realized that we might need to adjust our decision slightly.

We are planning a road trip from Maryland to Oklahoma and around the midwest to visit our relatives, and decided that we wanted to look into getting something sooner rather than later in the summer. So we started on our quest to find a good stroller that we could afford. Not long in to the search, we came across the Bugaboo and Quinny strollers at the Right Start store in our local mall, and the salesperson was explaining to us the pros and cons of each. After considering the options on them, we decided that we liked the Quinny Buzz best. Hooray! Stroller found! And then we saw the price.... OUCH!

The retail price of the standard Quinny Buzz is $549. So, we filed that away into the backs of our minds and let it marinate for a while. We are certainly not made of money, and are struggling as it is, so this is a huge decision that we have to make. We have always been of the belief that you get what you pay for, and so we tend to invest in products based on their quality and durability instead of finding the cheapest item we can get. I am also a huge believer of finding deals, so I started doing some online searches to see what I could come up with.

First, I looked on eBay. There were a few listings on there, but mostly wholesalers and the deals weren't going to beat buying retail. Occasionally, there were a few listings of used strollers, but we didn't have the cash at the time to be able to jump on them. And those come up rarely to say the least, especially if you are looking for a particular color. So, I started scouring Craig's List. I looked locally first, and then started searching nationally. After going through all of the 50 states, using the word "quinny" as my search, I came up with maybe 3 or 4 listings. These things are obviously not something you will find a quick turnaround on! But I was lucky, I found someone in Denver who had one listed!

So I started talking with her via email and getting information from her about what she had available. She not only had the stroller itself, but she also had the Bassinet attachment AND the coordinating infant carrier as well as all of the accessories that went with the items.

Quinny Dreami Bassinet

Shown unmounted from the stroller in the Juice color
Shown unmounted from the stroller in the Juice color
Dreami Bassinet mounted on Buzz frame in Capri color
Dreami Bassinet mounted on Buzz frame in Capri color

Add the Bassinet

As we considered what we needed for the vacation, it occurred to us that it would be nice to have the Dreami Bassinet to accompany the stroller. That way, we could use it as her bed while we were travelling. Lucky for us, the bassinet was included in the package that we found in Denver!

Normally, the Dreami attachment would cost $189. It wasn't something that we were really interested in until we took into consideration our travel plans.

Initially, before we considered that we would want the bassnet, we decided that one of the reasons we preferred the Quinny to the Bugaboo was because the bassinet attachment was optional on the Quinny, but not so for the Bugaboo.

Maxi Cosi Infant Carrier

Shown in Juice color, unmounted from the stroller
Shown in Juice color, unmounted from the stroller
Shown in the Sulfer color, mounted on the Buzz frame
Shown in the Sulfer color, mounted on the Buzz frame

And the carseat too?! SCORE!

After discussing some more with the lady in Colorado, we came to find out that in addition to the stroller and the bassinet, she also had the coordinating infant carrier that was designed to accompany the travel system. It is made by Maxi Cosi, and comes in all of the coordinating colors to match the Quinny products.

This carseat, purchased separately, would cost $169 retail.

We aren't huge fans of infant carriers in themselves because of how heavy and bulky they are. In fact, we will probably simply leave the carseat mounted in the car and rarely remove it for transportation purposes. I have read that leaving an infant in a carseat for prolonged periods of time is not good for their backs, especially in newborns. We will eventually purchase a Britax convertible carseat for June, but for now, this one will do. (Especially since we don't have to spend any more money to get it!)

Details and specs

Here are some details and specs for you about the Quinny Buzz, Dreami, and the Maxi Cosi:

Quinny Buzz

Features a convenient, compact, folding system which enables the it to unfold itself automatically with just a light nudge

Made out of aluminum, so it is lightweight and durable.

Has 5-point adjustable harness and removable safety bar.

Rear-wheel parking brakes with simple on/off function

Stain-resistant nylon-covered memory foam seat

Front- and rear-wheel suspension for a smooth ride

Ergonomic seat for exceptional comfort

It is stylish, but practical with a double, 360 degree lockable front swivel wheel which allows maximum stability and maneuvrability. It corners on a dime, and is easy to push with just one hand.

It features both a forward or backward facing seat option with a 2-postion recline in the backward facing position,and a 3-position recline in the forward facing position, and has a removable and height adjsutbale canpoy.

Includes a height adjustbale parent handle, which can be set to 4 different heights, a shopping basket, abug net, awind stopper and a rain sheild.

It is compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat and the Quinny Dreami Bassinet as well as the Bugaboo Cup Holder. It weighs 26.4 lbs and is intended for children 6 mos. to 4 years and up to 50 lbs. 40"H x 25"W x 34"D. Available in Black, Sulpher, Capri, Pink or Juice.

Quinny Dreami

Thick foam mattress is soft and comfortable

Adjustable canopy provides shade from the sun

Sturdy canopy frame doubles as a carrying handle

3-point harness keeps baby secure while strolling

Rubber feet help keep the bottom clean

Provides the ultimate in comfort, allowing your baby to travel lying flat.

Includes a mosquito net, rain cover, mattress, blanket and wind protector.

It is compatible the Quinny Buzz Stroller for a complete pram style stroller.

Appropriate for ages birth to 20 lbs.

33"H x 15.5"W x 9.5"D. Available in Juice, Pink, Black, Capri or Sulpher.

Maxi Cosi Mico infant carseat

Deep-sided wings and soft side padding for comfort and support

Adjustable, padded 5-point safety harness

4 harness heights

Removable infant support

Ergonomic handle for easier, more comfortable carrying

Multi-position, rotating canop

Offers unique European style, while providing the ultimate in comfortable transportation for your infant

Includes EPP foam for energy absorption, plush cozi dozi infant insert and a stay-in-car adjustable base.

It is compatible with the Quinny Buzz and the Quinny Zapp Strollers

Is suitable for children 5-22 lbs. and up to 29 inches.

The Mico's weighted base installs in a rear-facing configuration with LATCH connectors, but you can also install the carseat using only your vehicle's safety belts and the carrier's special belt guides.

Weighs 8.65 lbs.(without the base).

14"H x 17"W x 25"D.

Available in Juice, Lemonade, Black, and Happy Flowers patterns.

Quinny Buzz available colors

Sulfer, Capri, Juice, Black, Pink
Sulfer, Capri, Juice, Black, Pink

Quinny Dreami available colors

Sulfer, Capri, Juice, Black, Pink
Sulfer, Capri, Juice, Black, Pink

Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Carrier Colors

Juice, Lemonade, Black, Happy Flowers
Juice, Lemonade, Black, Happy Flowers

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BJ 8 years ago

Great review, Christen...thanks! :-)

amy jane profile image

amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

Great hub - what a cool stroller. I wish this was around a few years ago when I was shopping!

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Decrescendo 8 years ago

This place looks great.

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Critty 8 years ago from Canada

Great hub! We are hoping to have a baby soon and will be in the market for a stroller!!

Claire Taylor 8 years ago from England & USA

Cool stroller. My friend has the exact same one and finds it relaly easy to push.

duncwilson 7 years ago

Ace stroller - we bought ours from http://www.toffeeappleworld.co.uk/quinny-buzz-racc... . they offferd us a great deal with a free footmuff thrown in

Ian Johnson 7 years ago

Thanks for the advice - went with what duncwilson said and bought from http://www.toffeeappleworld.co.uk/quinny-m-27.html - excellent - my wife is very happy

Buzz Quinny 7 years ago

Ace stroller - would say buy buy buy if you have the cash

derekmichael02 7 years ago

I was searching for "baby strollers", and came across your hub. Great info on Quinny!

meee 6 years ago

i cnt wait for this troller n to be walking down the block with it with my newborn

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great material and helping post...

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chuckandus6 5 years ago from The Country-Side

that's a cool stroller

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