So Much Appetite

food cravings

Three friends, all somber looking, are having a serious discussion about the increasing appetite and how to control weight gains by their pregnant wives.

"I can't quite get enough sleep nowadays," one complains. "My wife wakes me up in the middle of the night asking for a freshly picked green mango from our back yard. She just loves to eat she gains 2 pounds in one week".

"My wife just love watermelon, she can't get enough of them," the other one confided. "And you know, it is the rainy season and I'm having a hard time looking for them, sometimes traveling 40 miles just to find one. She has a voracious appetite and I am getting increasingly concerned, you know, she's already 20 pounds overweight".

"Well, my Lenlen doesn't have a craving for any particular food," the third one told his friends. "In fact, she likes to eat just about anything, she's now 30 pounds overweight. She just eats and eats, I just ler her, doesn't bother me much you know. But lately I became really troubled." "Why?" his friends wanted to know. And in the same monotone in his voice he replied, "She has so much appetite she's eating even our spoiled food".

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