Not So Lazy Days: Playing in the woods at a Treehouse Playground

This owl is a treasure to find in this treasure of a playground.
This owl is a treasure to find in this treasure of a playground. | Source

Field Trip

Nestled away in Camden County's Timber Creek Park there is a tree that isn't a tree. It's a Treehouse Playground.

It's not a large playground at all, which made the oldest scoff at it at first; however, it is the most creative playground I've ever seen. If I had my choice of equipment for my own backyard, I would choose this design.

The playground is centered by a faux old-looking tree. It has an upper level (which is also creatively handicap-accessible!) making the treehouse look. Ways up and down include a slide, rope ladder, ladder, log wall, log steps, rock, pole and paved ramp. There's even benches for rest on the upper level.

Beside the main attraction is a small rock wall with a curved slide for little ones.

Today, the boys pretended the treehouse into an obstacle course and used the different ways up and down as obstacles. They even included the nearby amphitheater in their game.

If the playground is not enough, or if your kids need a time out (like mine did today), there's also trails to walk around the park. We took a nice hike along the Duck and Turtle Trails before returning to the playground for better behaved play.

This playground is certainly a South Jersey treasure and I'm glad we found it.

A markerTimber Creek Park -
Chews Landing Rd, Gloucester Township, NJ 08012, USA
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Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 5 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

Wonderful hub and making memories those kids won't soon forget.

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Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks! Oh, and thank you for my *first* fan mail!

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