20 things you can do with a package of m&m's.

Everyone knows M&M's are a fun candy coated chocolate treat, but what else can you do with them besides the obvious? Here's a list of 20 things you can do with M&M's instead of (or before) eating them.

1. Organize them into a bar graph by color, and see if they are evenly distributed. You can use more than one package for comparison.

2. Conduct a taste test with a few friends to see if there is any difference in taste.

3. Glue them to a sheet of paper to form a pattern or picture.

4. See how long they take to melt at various temperatures OR test if they actually do melt in your mouth, but not your hand.

5. Fill a can or jar with them, and shake it like a maraca.

6.Throw them at people.

7. Try to sell them, and inform anyone who buys that you're saving up for more M&M's.

8. Use them to build a 3D figure or sculpture.

9. Give them to someone who is having a bad day. (Chocolate makes everything better).

10. Use them as rewards/incentives for children.

11. Empty the package into your pocket, and ride a roller coaster. Count how many you have before and after.

12. Order the personalized ones as a gift for someone, or for a special event.

13. Try to remove the candy covering without damaging the chocolate.

14. Fill clear glass jars with a single color, and use them to decorate.

15. Leave a trail of M&M's leading to a gift or surprise for your special someone.

16. Use them in a dessert recipe, such as brownies or sugar cookies.

17. Leave them out somewhere, and see how long it takes for someone to pick them up.

18. Try balancing an M&M on your nose, tongue, head, etc.

19. Market them in your own packages as W&W's.

20. Alphabetize them!

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SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

Very fun hub and I like that you added a picture.

melissa kirkham 8 years ago


Cheez Writes 8 years ago Author

Melissa, that's a good idea :]

Rylee 7 years ago

I love to put them in ABC order! It's very challenging! ;) *~*

tyler 7 years ago

THEY EVEN HAVE E'S !!!!!!!!!


daytripeer 7 years ago

I enjoyed your hub, but, I must confess, I just cram my mouth full and wonder how many more times I can do it before my supply needs to be replenished. :-)

Cheez Writes 7 years ago Author

Thank you daytripper. They are hard to resist aren't they? ;]

soccer freak  6 years ago

i love how u put throw them at people and to sell them to people and then to inform them that your saving up for more 8-)

Diana 6 years ago

I put it in alphabetical order first all the m's den all the w's

6 years ago

what do u do with the 3s?

Awsom Abbster 6 years ago

Great but I'm gunna use mine as a prank on my brother by letting them melt in his pocket on "accsudent"

Cheez Writes 6 years ago Author

That's clever Awsom, but such a waste of good chocolate! :P

Sinna 5 years ago

:) Eat them! Yummers...

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